Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keevia 2.5 year post

Keevia, how are you two and a half?

You weigh about 30 lbs and are 34 inches tall. Who knows how big your head is, but it is hard to get 4t shirts over your head at times...

You wear size 5 diapers and are ALMOST potty trained! You can go all day at home without having an accident, but you still wear diapers at night and pull ups when we go out.

You wear 2t shorts and pants and 3t-4t shirts. You're so long waisted!

You have the biggest vocabulary. I couldn't even put a number on it. You speak in full sentences, and usually full paragraphs. You know things that just blow my mind.

You can say, and identify all your ABC's and numbers up til 20.

You know your colors and shapes (even some shapes Mommy doesn't know!).

You LOVE playing outside, and are completely fearless. I have to watch you like a hawk because you'll just do/go wherever!

Around the time Abrielle was born you began going to bed in your bed by yourself. We take a shower or a bath, put your jammies on, get a sippy and a paci, and read two stories. Then I turn out the lights and "sit in that chair" until you fall asleep. Bedtime is so much easier!

You are absolutely the BEST big sister. If Abbi is crying you go to her and say "It's okay Baby Abbi... I'm here.. It's okay... I'm here" over and over. You love on her, you talk to her.... you are just wonderful!

You ADORE to draw. We have a big easel in the living room and you play with it several times a day!

You still ride rear-facing in your carseat.

You are currently obsessed with cheese sandwiches. You make cute little "mmmm, mmmm" sounds with every bite.

You still have three molars to pop through.

You love to read. Or, well, to be read to.

You simply adore Blues Clues, Fresh Beat Band, Pocoyo, Mickey Mouse Club House, Dinosaur Train... and many others.

You're turning into a very big Daddy's girl, and that makes Mommy very happy!

All around, you are the sweetest, most loving little girl. You want to please, and very rarely have to be disciplined. You adore your sister and are very gentle with her. You're becoming more and more outgoing (You go around Wal-Mart saying "Hi! I'm Keevia! I'm 2"). You love Mommy snuggles, even when you don't want to be worn much any more. I'll love you for always my baby.

Abrielle's 2 Month post (way late!)

Abbi! You're two months old (or, well, now you're 2 and a half months old, but I'll try and remember two months stats, ha!)

You weigh 11lbs and 7oz. You are 24 1/2 inches long! Which means your the average weight of a two month old, height of a three month old, and head circumference of a three and a half month old!

You still fit in your 0-3 month clothes, but not the sleepers! You're soooooo long! You have the longest legs and arms (and fingers and toes!). (and at 2.5 months old you're basically in all 3-6 month clothing).

You've JUST started sleeping in the crib for a few hours at night. But only when you sleep in the crib, and not the co-sleeper. So you made your poor, poor daddy take the crib apart and move it into our room. :)

You love to be held. In fact, you demand it.

Mommy cannot eat hot wings. Your belly does not approve of them at all.

Mamaw apparently has nails and spikes on her chest and lap, because whenever she gets you for some reason, you scream bloody murder.

You've started to get colicky, and really like to be in Mommys arms or nursing from 7pm on.

You love taking baths with your big sister!

You've started cooing and laughing, and squealing occasionally!

You still wear size 1 disposable diapers, but you're starting to grow out of your newborn/small cloth diapers. You tolerate cloth better than Keevia did! (At 2.5 months old you're juuuuuust about grown out of size 1 diapers as well...)

You still don't like to be cold. At all. Where I had to dress Keevia as cool-ly as possible, I have to dress you warmer than I would think.

You'll take a pacifier (MAM) but not as much as K did!

You're the sweetest, snuggliest little girl, and I cannot imagine my life without you!