Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My favorite things

Okay.. so I suck at updating. I know.

I decided to do a post of my favorite things, currently.

- The Dermatology episode of Grey's Anatomy. You have to be a true fan to understand, but I want to live on the Dermatology floor.

- Ice cold fountain Coke. Don't hate, I know it has caffeine.

- A clean living room and semi-clean kitchen.

- Netflix + Xbox 360 Live (for FREE for a month!) when we don't have/can't afford cable. This is how I'm watching the Dermatology episode of Grey's anatomy.

- Chocolate/Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies.

- Good books. Even though I seem to be having troubles finding one these days.

- Gold Bond Cream. Don't ask what its for, just realize it's a blessing.

- Butts that move around inside me, and feet or knees or elbows that manage to push their way out so that I can SEE them.

- Reading that a girl who miscarried the day before I found out I had, and is a month ahead of me in her pregnancy, is in false labor/true labor... or whatever, and will be meeting her son very soon!

- Baby clothes. Doesn't matter if its girl or boy... it's adorable.

- Etsy. I love Etsy.

- Husbands that clean the fridge out for me.

- Our apartment, now that I have put up pictures and it LOOKS like a home now... not a blank expanse.

- Days that my Hubby doesn't work, when we get to have a lot of "us" time, and I get to remember all the many, many reasons I love him to pieces.

- The fact that I am 33 weeks pregnant! I could be having a baby in 4-7 weeks... Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

- My recipe for Red, White and Green pasta... and you'll probably get it, along with my hashbrown casserole recipe, if it tastes as good as it looks!

Coming soon - Pictures of Keevia's corner of our room...and maybe some of our "new" apartment.

The end!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Heartbreak comes in a variety of places, and in a variety of ways.

I'm sitting here, feeling my daughter swim around inside me, completely thankful for her life on a day-to-day basis.

Some people that I know (I met them through an ex-boyfriend and through a church camp, but I've maybe had 1-2 conversations with them ever) lost their baby daughter yesterday, she was around the same age as Keevia I believe, maybe a little younger.

I don't know what happened, I don't know the cause... but I have an inkling of the heartbreak that they are going through. I would not inflict that heartbreak on anyone. Period.

I think its worse the farther along in the pregnancy you are -- just from experience, I think I would be much more devastated if I lost a pregnancy in the third trimester than I was losing one in the first trimester, simply because I'm learning Keevia's personality, her likes and dislikes... I'm so deeply in love with her already... I felt the same way about our peanut, it just wasn't the same strength as these feelings. A problem with miscarriage though, is that I didn't connect with Keevia until I could feel her... whereas with Peanut I was much more into the pregnancy early on.

I feel so weird -- I don't know this couple very well at all, yet I am so, so, SO heartbroken for them. It's just an odd feeling, to hurt so badly for people who've only met a few times. I know, however, that they are broken, and they are needing.

Could you please just take a little time and say a quick prayer for them tonight? Simply ask that God wrap his arms around them, even tighter than they already all, and allow them to slowly see his plan in all of this.