Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 weeks!

So, I said I'd be posting more about this pregnancy, and then there was a great pregnant silence.

I've really had no desire to be around the computer much, and I've listened to it.

I was SO sick for over two weeks... I don't know if it was the bulging ear drum, the antibiotic they put me on FOR the eardrum (which always messes with my stomach), or just general allergy season which makes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) worse. My Momma is convinced that the only reason I have morning sickness bad is because I have IBS as well, because she had little to no morning sickness. She says she remembers throwing up when she would brush her teeth in the mornings, but that was about it. Apparently she didn't get the memo that every pregnant woman is different. :)

Gentlemen and Dudes, you may want to skip this paragraph, as I talk about things you may not want to know about. You have been warned.
This pregnancy is actually remarkably like my pregnancy with Keevia so far. I even got a yeast infection which caused bleeding at the SAME TIME this pregnancy as I did with her (the bleeding isn't pregnancy related, it's the labia that bleeds, not from the cervix). I FREAKED with Keevia and actually went in to the doctor sobbing because I was right at 9 weeks and I lost Peanut at 8w6d. This time around I knew it wasn't anything to worry about (and really, its just a few drops of blood, but when you've had a miscarriage you inspect EVERY PIECE of toilet paper with a microscope usually). Thankfully, I've cleared it up though! I do still have copious amounts of discharge, which I had last time. If I continue having yeast like symptoms though, I'm going to have them check me. I think I had a severe bacterial vaginosis or a Strep B infection for the majority of my pregnancy last time, and it made me MISERABLE. I had to wear pantyliners every day or my pants would get soaked. It sucked.

Okay guys, you can read again.

My morning sickness is about the same. Since I got off the antibiotic and the vertigo has went away, I really only get sick first thing in the morning, if I get too hungry, if I get too hot, or if I stand for too long. All of these things were triggers last pregnancy too.

The one major difference between this pregnancy and the last? I'm not constipated! That made the last pregnancy a living hell from about 7-8 weeks until almost 22-24 weeks. How did I solve it? I switched prenatal vitamins to some without Iron, and viola! No constipation! I literally would only use the restroom once a week for over three months, and I would only use it then with the help of a suppository. Around day 5 or 6 I would start throwing up everything I ate because there was nowhere for it to go. Absolute misery. It feels WONDERFUL to not have that this time around!

I'm starting to feel better, and we're moving right along. I have another ultrasound/appointment on Sept. 6th! Keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing: The story of Baby Bean

Yep! We're expecting again!

To say I'm in shock is an understatement.

I tracked my ovulation and fertility signs last month, but according to my temperatures, I never ovulated. I had other ovulation signs, but I wasn't betting that I ovulated. Eleven days later (around the fourth of July), I took two pregnancy tests (on two seperate days) that were both negative.

Fast forward another two weeks. I have really bad nausea and I've been EXHAUSTED for almost a month. I was also beginning to get heartburn (which I had my entire pregnancy with Keevia, and not at all otherwise). Carl and I were going out together to see Harry Potter, and then go to Wal-Mart, so while shopping, I picked up another test, just in case.

I ended up taking the test in the Wal-Mart bathroom and it turned positive IMMEDIATELY. I'm not going to lie, I cried like a baby on that toilet seat. We told our close friends and families, but kept it close to our chests other than that. Last Thursday I had my first ultrasound where we saw a strong heartbeat of 165.

I estimated that I was 8 weeks pregnant on that day. My last period would have me around 9 weeks. The baby showed to be around 7w4-5d on the ultrasound, so I'm close! It means I may not have ovulated when I thought, but the swimmers were there when the egg released. All in all, this baby is a gift from God, and we could NOT be happier.

I've had pretty continuous, debilitating nausea since around the time we found out. The exhaustion and poor sleep have been there since about conception time.

Last Friday I developed pretty severe Vertigo. I ended up laying down just about all weekend long (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!), and went to the doctor on Monday. I have a bulging ear drum on one side, and was given antibiotics. I'm slowly getting better. I sat up about 45 minutes yesterday and over two hours today. I'm praying to get better soon... as much as I LOVE Bones (which I'm watching on Netflix), my sides and my neck HURT from laying down so much. And I miss taking care of my toddler. My parents have been lifesavers and SAINTS through all of this. On top of taking care of Keevia, cooking dinner for all three of us plus themselves, and taking care of ME, my Momma came over and cleaned my house from top to bottom yesterday. She's a saint.

Pray that I get to feeling better soon and can be up and at'um. Pray for this sweet miracle, as a miscarriage is always in the back of our minds, and pray for all those out there who read this and think "Why not me?". I've been there folks. I'm going to strive to keep the blog updated more during this pregnancy, because with Keevia's I shied away from writing about my pregnancy... because I was afraid I would hurt the friends I had who were childless. I'm so sorry you're in that position, and I understand if you stop reading, but this time around, I need to blog for myself more.

So, the cats out of the bag, and we couldn't be happier!

Wordless Wednesday - Surprise Edition