Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm in Labor and Delivery!

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday. I was 5 cms dilated and 70% effaced. So we had had SOME progress. Melissa (my midwife) stripped my membranes again, and off we went. We pretty much went straight back to the apartment, after walking just a little bit. On the car-ride to our apartment, they got about 3 minutes apart and HURT. I honestly thought we'd be turning around and going back to the hospital. However, once we got to the apartment, they slacked off some.

So, I chilled. They kept up somewhat, varying in intensity... I went and took a bath around 11pm-midnight, and they kept up during and after -- they've never done that before!! Usually when I shower or bath, they slow or stop.

So, I put some towels under me (in case my water broke) and I settled on the recliner, trying to doze some (I settled around 1). I dozed on and off until 3, when Carl had to leave for work. I'd been having contractions, but they weren't unbearable, so Mom (who was staying with me on the couch) and I moved to our bed.

I woke up when Carl called me at 9:20, freaking out. I told him I'd been asleep, and I wasn't having contractions. I laid in bed and counted 3 contractions while I cursed the Bob-o-white outside my window that was waking me up.

So, I got up, and started moving around. Everytime I would move (sit down, shift my weight, stand) I would get crampy and contract... but if I didn't move, I didn't feel anything. Carl got off at 10:30, and then Mom and I started cleaning (okay, she cleaned, I directed).

So... I went to pee at some point (don't read this paragraph if you gross out easily). I had a big bunch of mucuousy-brown bloodiness. I called for Mom, she looked at it and said it looked normal. I'm super glad she was there, or I could have FREAKED. It looked too much like my miscarriage. I had it again a few minutes later, and then more stuff that looked like the mucous plug again.

Around 1, my contractions weren't regular, and I just had menstrual cramp feelings. So, Mom and I just decided to head out to Target, and then home to Jackson from there if nothing started.

I started timing them on the way to Target, and they were 4-8 minutes apart, but not really strong. As we walked around Target, I decided that I would just call my Midwife, and see if she thought we should stay in Richmond. I described all my symptoms, and she said to come on in to the hospital to be checked.

Got here, got hooked up, and got checked. Contractions were 3-7 minutes apart, and I was a "good 6"! Effacement was the same. So, they decided to keep me!

I have to have antibiotics every 4 hours because of Group B Strep, but they saline-lock it after that. Once I have the dose I have going right now, then they'll be open to breaking my water. I plan on waiting til morning!

Nothing's been bad so far, except when they tried to start my IV. That hurt. A LOT.

Other than that, we're doing great! I'm getting ready to get back on the birthing ball, and eat some grapes and drink some more water! Wish us luck, hopefully I'll be posting baby pictures soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm having a baby tomorrow.

Okay, not really. But I'd like to. Like, really, really like to.

I DO have an appointment tomorrow, and she will be stripping my membranes again.

I need to remember to ask about on-callness though. She told me at 20 weeks, but, um, this is 19 weeks later. I have no idea what she said.

This kiddo keeps pushing her head down against my cervix, and it's causing back pain, which I hope means she's getting the picture and trying to find her way out.

I'm also have random, intermittent contractions. PLEASE let this stripping work.

Oh, and I totally meant to make baby-legs today. Darn it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're welcome

I lost my mucus plug today.

I'm not going to describe it for you.

You're welcome.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

38 Week Appointment

Ah, yes.

Apparently my daughter gets really excited over the prospect of seeing her midwife. So she always triggers her home, my ute, to have contractions from that morning!

Well, as we pulled into the hospital parking lot yesterday, I was having stronger contractions! I could feel them in my back, and then I'd touch my belly and it'd be rock hard. Also, they kind of hurt... I was excited! I know that sounds weird, but none of my contractions had hurt at all as of yet.

So... we go in, I weighed fine, my fundal height was fine, my blood pressure was up JUST a little bit (it's still low comparatively, it's just up for me, they aren't concerned), her HB was 145.

Then, Melissa (my midwife) comes in. I tell her (excitedly!) that I'm having 7-10 minute PAINFUL contractions. She then asks me if I want my membranes stripped.

After discussing the risk and stuff (I learned recently that I'm Group B Strep + which means I have to have antibiotics every 4 hours in delivery. Not a huge deal, but I'd read online that stripping the membranes if you're GBS+ wasn't good. I decided to trust her though, she said it was fine) we decided to go with it.

So, she started off doing the internal (no change from last week, still 4cms and 70% effaced) and then (with me gripping Carl's arm like it was a life raft) she stripped my membranes.

It wasn't unbearable, and to be quite honest, the internals I had in Labor and Delivery last week hurt worse than the stripping of my membranes. But it did still hurt, like a cuss word.

SO... the cramping as soon as she was done was INTENSE. We dropped Carl off at my sister's house to nap (he'd been up since 2:30 am, and it was now 4pm) and then Mom and I went to walk and shop some. My contractions continually got stronger -- I even had trouble walking through some! I was like "Okay! This is IT!" Once we had some Ice Cream, we got some coffee and headed to my sisters house.

Where my contractions basically stopped.

So we headed back to our apartment, I took a long bath, and then climbed in bed. It took me an hour or so to fall asleep, because I WAS still having contractions... just not horrifically strong ones. I figured I'd sleep some, and if this was the real deal, they'd wake me up.

It wasn't the real deal.

So, we wait. Carl, my Mom and I are going to head back to Lexington in a few to try and visit Carl's aunt who's in the hospital there, then Mom and I have an errand or two to run in Lexington, then back to Jackson to await Keevia's arrival.

Really kiddo, Momma gave you your eviction notice last night. Why are you so stubborn?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do you know...

that feeling, when you're getting a papsmear, and your doctor is scrapping your cervix with a ginormous q-tip? (P.S. If you don't know this feeling, count yourself lucky... and when it comes time for you to know this feeling, find a female doctor to do it... men are just rough).

Anyway. That's the feeling that I had for 30+ minutes last night, as my daughter ground her head against my cervix. THIRTY MINUTES. I was literally almost in tears! I wasn't having any contractions with the grinding... but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

So, I woke up this morning, and have had five contractions since I got up (oops, make that six), but they're really light. However, this is most I've had in a row since Thursday.

I just pray they DO something... last Thursday was the most miserable day of my pregnancy because I had regular contractions for TWELVE HOURS and was sooooooooooo tired. So very, very tired.

I have an appointment tomorrow, so I hope this kiddo's head grinding at least did SOME good and softened my cervix some more. If I'm had 90-100% effaced, I will walk this child out of me tomorrow night.

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 19, 2009



Not ME! Monday

I have definitely not spent the last three nights tossing and turning, instead of sleeping peacefully like all pregnant women!

I definitely didn't go to the Chiropractor this morning and almost cry because I was SO HAPPY to be there, knowing I'll sleep better tonight.

Everytime I have a contraction, I definitely don't get super excited for all of the 30 seconds it lasts, only to have my hopes dashed when there's not one after it.

As much as I love and miss my husband, I'm definitely not upset that I don't have to cook for him this week.

And I definitely DON'T want this baby out of me, one way or the other!

What are you NOT feeling, or have you NOT done this week? Go to MckMama's blog and sign up!


Friday, October 16, 2009


My contractions only come every other day.

Case in point:

Sunday, I had timeable contractions for 2-4 hours.
Monday, nothing.
Tuesday, Timeable contractions from 5-11 (when I went to L&D to see if there was progress)
Wednesday, a few contractions here and there, especially after walking... other than that, nothing.
Thursday, Noon to Midnight, constant timeable contractions going from 7-3 minutes in length, just not extremely strong. I knocked myself out at midnight with Tylenol and Benadryl so I dunno if I had anymore.
Friday (today), nothing. I had 2 contractions after peeing like an hour ago.
Saturday (tomorrow), who knows? Baby? HA! We can hope!

In other news, Carl is going to orientation at his new job tomorrow at 10am... so be in prayer! We are SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! I'm staying with my parents, probably until I pop out this kid, because we don't want me stranded without a car for an hourish if I were to go into labor at the apartment when he was at work. It's okay, I don't have to cook much.

Yesterday was the most miserable day of my pregnancy. I was ready to quit at life. The contractions had been going on, consistently, for SO LONG, and I was sooooooo tired. My back, stomach and legs were throbbing. I felt bad, and last night I laid in bed and just seeped tears because I was so miserable. I doped myself up, slept it off, and feel much more human today. I've kept a pretty positive outlook this entire pregnancy, but I have my days (like when I had really bad constipation and thought I'd be pregnant forever). Now... It's just a waiting game. I'm ready for her to come... but she can stay in longer if she needs too! I couldn't say that yesterday -- yesterday I wanted her OUT.

Lets see what tomorrow's contractions bring... haha!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A letter

Dear Uterus,

I am writing to implore why you and I are no longer friends. We have spent 37 weeks getting along marvelously! I realize that you started this pregnancy much smaller... and that I've forced you to stretch to over 1,000 times your natural size... but still, that's no reason to renege on our friendship.

My issue doesn't lie in the fact that you're contracting. On the contrary, I'm quite ready to meet my daughter. I just want to know why you have spent 37 weeks taking after my Grama O's pregnancies, and getting my hopes up, that when it comes time to deliver, you revert back to my Mom.

Mom was in labor from Sunday until Thursday with me. Constant contractions, getting stronger around 7pm every night, and then lessening around 11 pm. I was so convinced that my labor was going to take after Grama C, and I'd go into labor, and bam! have a baby in 12 hours (with her first, 8 or 6 with her second and third). But noooo. I have been contracting since LAST Monday. And since Tuesday, I've been having regular contractions, that get strong at 7 pm and LESSEN AT 11 PM. Why uterus? WHY?

I wouldn't care to wait to my due date if the contractions stopped. I just want them to either stop, or get on with it and DO SOMETHING.

So uterus, I implore you. Please either get your act together and get this baby outta me, or calm the beep down and relax for the next week or so. Mmkay?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Labor and Delivery = FAIL

So... I went to my appointment with my midwife yesterday. I was 75% effaced and 4cms dilated, at a -1 station, and she could feel my bag (which means that whole bulging water feeling I've had is warranted).

Keevia had dropped EVEN more overnight the night before last or something, because everytime I walk now I feel like she's falling out. It makes me want to walk around holding my crotch for whatever reason. LOL!

So, I was having contractions on and off all day yesterday... and after our appointment with the MW, we decided to go to mall and walk around because I just felt 'different'. So... we walked and walked and walked and walked.

And my contractions got stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger.

They were never painful though... just an extreme tightening. I have a stupendeously high pain tolerance though. They started at 6 mins apart at 6:45, lasting about a minute in length, and by 10:45 they were 3 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from a minute to a minute and a half.

Because I had progressed to 4cms without any real contractions at all... and the fact that we live about 45 mintues from the hospital (if we're staying at our apartment) and an hour and a half from the hospital if we're staying at my parents (which we were), so we decided around 11 to go in and be checked.

Yeah, fail. I was still 4 cms when I got there, and still 4 cms when I left. I WAS having close, regular contractions... they just slacked off in intensity as soon as we got to the hospital. Our nurse assured us it wasn't a big deal, and was really funny. I felt better because I thought the contractions stopped as soon as we got there... but they didn't, you could see them on the monitor, they just weren't "strong enough to do anything"

Quite a funny story: My daughter hates the doppler. HATES IT. So... when I was hooked up to the monitors, she moved... and they had to come in... and then they couldn't find her heartbeat but she kept attacking the doppler (and they could HEAR her attack it), and then they had to double band me and roll up ANOTHER piece of the band thing and put that to make it tighter. It was hilarious. She passed her NST (that they apparently do?) with flying colors though!

So yes. I have made my first trip to L&D and survived. I'm still having contractions regularly, and my nurse DID say we may be back "very soon" if they keep that up. We'll see!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I don't know about this...

So... as I sit here, 36weeks and 5 days pregnant... I have realized that I am not ready for my daughter to come.

Oh, physically we are very ready. The car seat is in the car, the pack n play is set up, the clothes are washed, the diapers are in their cute diaper basket...

But I'm not ready to not be pregnant anymore.

I LOVE being pregnant. I have had a very, very easy pregnnacy, and as ready as I am to meet my daughter, I don't want to lose this connection I have to her right now. I feel her every move, I feel her every hiccup... she jumps when I startle her, she hears my every heart beat.

That's SUCH a big connection. I don't want to lose it.

Childbirth scares me... as I prepare more for it (or, as my body prepares for it) I keep feeling "real" contractions, and trying not to panic. Actually, I'm 3 cms already and have barely felt it. I'm praying I progress this way the rest of the dilation...haha!

Alright, my nostalgia is much better.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So... 36w Midwife appointment...

Everything goes normal (except that I leave my list of questions in the car). She does the Strep B screening, then does a quick (painful) internal.

I'd been asking about using Evening Primrose Oil, starting next week, both orally and internally. She told me she was fine with it, as long as I waited until next week.

She does the internal, pauses and goes "I don't think you're going to need the Evening Primrose Oil..." and then proceeds to tell me that I'm 50% effaced and 3cms dilated.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!

She said she may not see me at my next appointment (next Tuesday) as I may already have a baby by then. I realize fully that being this effaced/dilated doesn't really mean anything... and that I could still be pregnant on my due date...

But, these Braxton Hicks contractions are insane. I hadn't had them until yesterday... and I probably had 30-50 ones yesterday... maybe more. I also have a backache and rectal pressure.

So.. we're going to get groceries today... and get some lunch. I'm STARVING and there's no food in the house. Then, I need to accomplish the following in the apartment before the baby comes.

- clean the kitchen counters/stove
- sweep the kitchen
- vacuum the bedroom/hallway/living room
- clean the toilet/bathtub
- put up the 3 laundry baskets full of clothes and towels
- put up all the rest of the clothes in the bedroom that are just strown places
- pick up trash and straighten up the bedroom
- open the diapers/get the diaper basket ready
- take out trash

I think that's all. If I wanna get REALLY crazy... I need to take down the vents and vacuum them out.

We still need a humidifier for the apartment, as it is so freaking dry in here. I got pacifiers and sheets for the pack-n-play yesterday... and packed the hospital bags... we're about as ready as we're going to be.

Alright Keevia, come out whenever you're ready!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The one where my car got clean.

My car is notoriously known for being dirty.

This is not my fault.

When I eat in my car, I take the trash out with me. When I put something in my car, it comes out with me. Unfortunately, before I was married, and since becoming married, this has not been the case.

We cleaned the car out (mostly) last summer before embarking on our honey moon... however, I do not believe that it has been THIS spotless since I got it.

And what am I doing? Sitting on my butt writing a post about it while Mom and Carl finish cleaning it.

I know, I'm selfless.

They have a vacuum, windex, upholstery cleaner, and oxiclean.

All of this was started so that we could install the carseat....

Wait, woah, I'm going to have a carseat in my car, and I'm not babysitting? Holy shiz. This means I'm having a baby. In +/- a month.

*deep cleansing breaths*

Really, I'm actually quite excited. We go tomorrow for my 36 Week appointment, where they will do the Strep B screening, as well as my first internal. I'm cited!! Then, we go off to our natural birthing class at Baby Moon. I'm excited about that too!

And best of all? I'll be riding in style in a nice, clean car.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I waddle more than I walk

It's official. I'm in the last month of pregnancy. In less than 5 weeks, I will be holding my baby girl. That both excites me to death, and scares the crap out of me.

I have a HUGE to-do list, and I'm pretty down about it. I spent this last week at my parents house, which was nice and relaxing, but I feel like I should have been nesting. I feel like I have SO MUCH to get done before the baby gets here...

I had a reason for being at my parents. I was making hair-bows. My Mom is a crafter/quilter, and had a craft festival in Paintsville, KY this weekend. The hairbows I'd made for the Honey Festival did pretty well... So I made up another 50ish for this festival.

I. sold. five. yesterday.

It was a very depressing experience. It didn't help that there were at LEAST 8 hairbow booths in this festival, and under the same tent, on the SAME SIDE AS ME, was a booth with GORGEOUS bows. I normally think mine are prettier than most others (and they really are) but not this girls. Hers were absolutely gorgeous. *I* even bought off of her (not any bows mind you, just a pillowcase dress and headband for when baby is tiny). Now I feel like the last week was such a huge waste of time, when I should have been cleaning and taking care of my husband (who had to work 6 days in a row, more about that later). I just feel guilty.

Carl has been working at Liquor World for over a month now. He asked for Monday's off so that A) I could schedule my weekly appointments on those days. B) After Keevia comes, we could go visit his parents or my parents easier. His manager has it out for him, because Carl is a responsible adult, and makes more than his manager does (because his manager's child support payments get taken out of his check). Not only does he NOT have Mondays off, but he also didn't get ANY days off this past week. I felt horrible leaving him, but he said he'd feel better with me staying with my parents, and not being alone 8-9 hours a day.

So, I got pissed off when he called me on Saturday from his lunch break and told me about it. I got online and started filling out applications for him.

Monday, Lowe's in Winchester called and said he had an interview on Tuesday. He got the job, and now we're just waiting for a phone call from his drug test. I KNOW they said he had the job... but I so want that phone call to come NOW. He would make more money per hour, he would work fewer hours, and it would be better hours for us.

So... now we're just praying hard and harder. We'd appreciate if you would pray too!

DIY Maternity pictures to come. I know, you're excited.