Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pillow Mattress Talking

This past weekend my husband, daughter, and I went to the closest big city to do some shopping. We really did a lot of looking, but, you know. We scouted out some places that carry mattresses, as we're currently on the market for a new one.

Keevia likes to sleep with Mommy sometimes. When her teeth hurt, or she's had a bad day, or she's sick... she comes in bed with us. The only problem is that in our current queen bed, she kicks Daddy to the couch (or the guest bed) to do so. Oh, we all fit (barely), but she likes her sprawl room, so she kicks and whines and cries until Daddy gets up, then she rolls to his side of the bed and goes to sleep.

See why this is called "The Divas Mom"?

On another note though, we're also in the market for a new mattress, because for some strange reason, after 3 years, our mattress is NOT holding up. After research, we found out that when my Mom purchased it as a wedding present, she unknowingly purchased the lowest quality that our brand makes.

So, we went looking. First, we went to a place called "Overflow". VERY nice customer service. The guy personally showed us all the mattresses and described each one to us. Very reasonable prices as well.

Then we went to a store called "Overstock" (not to be confused with the online business!). There was a mattress there that Carl LOVED and desperately wanted. It was the last one they had, a king, and on HUGE clearance because of a "cosmetic blemish". We laid down on it, then looked around for an employee to help us. There were numerous employees milling around. We flagged one down and asked "What exactly is the cosmetic blemish?" Without even SLOWING down his walk, he said "It's on the floor. You have to find it."

Well then, okay. I looked it over, and couldn't find anything. We still wanted to ask some more questions though. We flagged down someone else "Just a minute" was there reply. Now, from my super-awesome eavesdropping skills, I knew that they were in the process of selling a $2000+ couch to a family on the other side of the room. But really, does that take FIVE employees?

We waited another 15 or so minutes for someone to "help" us, and no one even offered. When we left Carl was MAD. I wasn't surprised.

You see, we fit into a stereotype. A stereotype that means we obviously have no means of purchasing anything, so why bother to talk to us? Carl had on khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes, he currently has a scruffy beard. I had on flip-flops, jeans, a 'dressy' shirt, and a fleece jacket, my hair (which is always crazy) was down and in my face. We had a toddler running around. We're in our twenties.

The people in the next room who were purchasing the couch? They all had on designer clothes, impeccable hair & makeup, and big huge Coach purses. And they were financing the couch. Obviously we don't fit the mold that they normally see. But you know what? I could have written a check for that mattress that day if we'd wanted it. We have saved up and planned and decided we need a new mattress. I wouldn't have had to have financed it.

That's okay though, the Overflow people will likely get my money. The customer is always right sometimes holds true. As does "Don't judge a book by its (albeit harried) cover.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

These Hips Don't Lie....

I didn't do a "McFatty Monday" post this week because there wasn't really anything to say. I've been doing pretty well with food (slow, baby steps), and my water intake is up a TON. At the recommendation of my friend Danielle, I purchased a 30 ounce water bottle. LIGHT BULB. My water intake has went up SO MUCH! I achieved 90 ounces 2 days in a row (my goal is 120)!!!!

Exercise....yes, well..

My back was out. My back was out BAD. My hip has been "uncomfortable" since the weekend, but sleeping over at my in-laws just knocked my back all out of whack. Carl & I went four-wheeling while there, and after a "jump", my hip started hurting. Last Wednesday I went to my chiropractor.

 If you've read me for any amount of time, you know I LOVE the chiropractor. Like... the first person I go to when hurt or sick is my chiropractor. We're good friends as well, which helps! She was in the delivery room when I gave birth to Keevia.

So last week she "un-jammed" my right hip, which had never been jammed that way before. And fixed my L3 Vertebrae. And my neck was out of alignment. And my sacrum.  Yeah...

It got better for about two days. Then it started getting progressively worse. I was already scheduled to go back today, so I (stupidly) held out until today.


My pelvis AND my sacrum was out. And my hip was jammed in two DIFFERENT ways. She did English Bone Setting on my neck. And my L5 vertebrae was out.


Actually, I think my PCOS may be causing the tendons & ligaments in my body to go all crazy. When I got pregnant (both times) I would go out really, really bad RIGHT after I got pregnant. I don't know, I'm kind of confused with my body right now.

But, as I sit here typing, I'm a little sore (My chiropractor doesn't "crack" your back like traditional chiropractors, she does what's called the Activator method. Much "calmer" and lasts longer, but generally doesn't relieve pain as quickly as a hand manipulation) still, but I can tell a HUGE difference! As a preventative treatment (ha!) Carl and I are looking into purchasing a King Size mattress (more on this later).

But, this is all to say... I'm back! My hips were hurting SO badly that I couldn't concentrate this weekend. Oh, and did y'all notice anything new up at the top? I now own my own domain! Woohoo!

Have a great Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday

She may or may not be spoiled rotten.

(I swear, I'll be back soon. Stay tuned!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toddler Reset Button

Toddlers have tantrums. That's no news to anyone. My toddler is getting especially good at the foot stamping, head thrown back, screaming her head off tantrums!

The past two days, Miss Priss has decided that naps are for losers. Therefore, this is what I see a lot.

I've found out, however, in the past day, that if you head off the tantrums, that they don't seem to be as bad. Oh, they still happen, but instead of being 30 minutes of inconsolable toddler drama, it usually is only around 5. I'm sure that this distraction method is also common knowledge!

The majority of our tantrums are caused by teething right now. It can be expected! When you have 6-7 teeth coming in at once (I'm not real sure of the number, she never opens her mouth long enough!), it's difficult to be good all the time! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our amber teething necklace.

Anyway, with the teeth kicking our butts, tantrums are running high. Our current way of making them go away? Well, it has me handing in my AP card.

Step 1. Get a orange Sherbert Push Up. Feed to child.
Step 2. Turn on Wiggles.

The sugar revs her up, the cold soothes her teeth, and the Wiggles make her zone out. Once she "resets" herself, she acts normally. There are other reset methods we use as well... change of scenery, stripping off her clothes, tickling her when she tries to throw herself backwards off my lap...

What is (or was) your toddlers reset button?

Never Say Never: Sweets

As I'll confess later today... My Never Say Never this week has to do with sugar.

When  I was pregnant, I swore I would never give my child unrefined sugar until she was at LEAST three years old. I swore I'd make her first birthday cake from honey and other more natural sweeteners.

Fast forward to when she's born.... yeah...
When she was itty bitty, she would scream BLOODY MURDER in the car seat. So, to get her to take her paci (and therefore go to sleep), I used to coat her paci in peppermint candy. It would calm her down enough to take the paci.

Graham Crackers became staples in our kids diet. It was the first thing she could hold on to and chew on at the same time. Ice cream is also a treat she enjoys. And her first birthday cake? I did bake it from scratch, but it definitely had refined sugar in it!

We do still greatly limit the amount of sugar she receives, but are much more lenient than I once planned!

What have you done that you said you would never do?
Leave a link in the comments to your post! If I don't follow you, mention it and I'll get right on that!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know it seems silly to write about struggling with weight-loss less than 24 hours after I published my post about it clicking, but it's true. I'm struggling.

I'm struggling because I love food. Not necessicarily love to EAT food, but I love to cook. Love. it. I watch cooking shows (driving my husband crazy I'm sure), I read cook books, the only magazine I receive is a cooking one...Cooking calms me like nothing else can.

Last night I attempted a peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce. I only ate two bites of it (because it was a fail), but I still made it...without even THINKING about the diet.

Lifestyle changes don't come quickly, I realize that.... but do I have to give up my love of being in the kitchen? Do I just focus on making healthy recipes? But what about baking?

I'm just struggling with putting my passion inline with my needs.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It clicked.

Blair spoke a few weeks ago about how her weight loss clicked. I thought that mine had. I was wrong. 
It clicked this weekend. It clicked when I saw this picture. It clicked when I didn't recognize that person in the picture because she's surrounded by fat. I want to love that picture, because it's a wonderful family portrait. But I can't love it. Because I look so different from what I feel in that picture. 

It clicked. 

Right after we snapped that photo, I glanced through the pictures on my viewfinder. I almost audibly gasped . That is what I look like? I thought to myself. That's what people see when they look at me? I don't feel that fat. I feel skinny sometimes... I'm in denial. I managed to hold it together until we got up to the car, and then I just started crying. My wonderful husband was straight with me. Crying won't solve anything. DOING will. 

So I went grocery shopping. I purchased some Lean Cuisine meals for lunches (portion controlled, calorie controlled... not the best I know, but I need structure right now), lots of veggies, and nothing really bad. I'm making out a plan for myself, and the main thing I'm going to do is EXERCISE. 

My food plan is this:
Breakfast Options:
Cereal (portion controlled, healthy cereal. I've never liked sugary cereals). 
Oatmeal & Fruit
Eggs & Fruit

Lunch Options:
Lean Cuisine
Salad (dressed with oil & lemon juice) 
Tuna Sandwich (limited mayo, whole wheat bread only)
PB Sandwich 

Dinner Options:
Child's plate of whatever I fix the hubby (usually a healthy option anyway). 

Snack Options:
Guacamole & Veggies
PB & Grapes 

I'm allowed 1 cheese serving a day. 
I'm not drinking anything but milk, water, coffee, or juice. 
I'm either Zumbaing, Walking or Shredding every day. 
I'm taking it 24 hours at a time.
I'm purchasing a new water bottle and working up to 120 ounces a day. 
I'm limiting computer use to 1 hour during the day. After the sun goes down I can get on, but when the sun is up and I should be doing other things, it's an hour. 

I know we're trying to get pregnant, but honestly? I may not be able to until I lose some of this weight. Weight and PCOS are not friends. So, even if I DO get pregnant, I'm going to keep up this regime. Because it would be the best for the baby, and for myself. I only gained 24 lbs with Keevia, and then lost it all right after I had her. Then I ballooned up to 249, which is where I am now. So, right now I'm working on getting down to 214. That would be where I was before I got pregnant with Keevs. After that I'll work towards 200lbs (where I was before I miscarried), then 180 (where I was in college). I'd be perfectly happy at 180. 

It clicked today. I'll make it click tomorrow.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Woah, It's FRIDAY?

Don't you just hate daysweeks where you don't really have anything to show, but you feel like you've done nothing but be on the run?

Yeah, me too.

I may have mentioned it before... Mom and I both suffer from fibromyalgia. This was a tough week. We've noticed that when the weather is changing, or a front is coming in, that our pain goes up dramatically. Monday or Tuesday (I don't remember) was one of the worst days I've had in a while. I get the "fibrobrain" which is our term for fuzzy-headedness, and being unable to think of words. When this happens, I have a hard time doing things... like cooking, or trying to write freelance.

As the week went on, I was slowly more aware, ha! But it was a struggle. And I hate that. I hate that Mom and I have to struggle on a daily basis to perform activities that most people don't find daunting. A trip to the grocery store can be devastating if they have the air-conditioning too high (getting chilled makes the symptoms worse). A handful of errands causes the whole day to be lost because of the recovery period after the errands! It's ridiculous!

Both Mom and I need to exercise more frequently. For me, it's reaching a critical point. I refuse to buy clothes in a larger size than what I have now, but I'm beginning to run out of clothes. Exercise is SO hard with fibro. If you do too much, you can't exercise the next day. Exercising makes the fibro better, but you have to walk a fine line.

It's such a frustrating disease (disorder?). Everyone expects you to just take a pill and move on, but I'm sorry. A pill does not cure all ills. I would rather suffer pain than be on something that changes my personality, or becomes addictive. So I stick with ibuprofen.

One plus, when it came time to have my baby girl, everyone thought I was crazy for going all natural, and few people thought I'd do it. I knew I would. I know pain. Fibromyalgia, ovarian cysts, two knee operations, back problems... and you think labor's difficult?

This post has no point. It's merely musings about a difficulty that rules my life some weeks, and some weeks I rule it. Lets hope next week is one of those weeks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Never Say Never Blog Hop!

I've been thinking recently, that in my life, there are a lot of things I'm doing that I said I would never do. So, I decided to create this weekly (or bi-monthly maybe) blog hop.

If anyone wants to make me a prettier button, feel free, my graphic design skills are...lacking.
So, here's the deal. You steal that button, and post it in your post. Or you link back to this post in your post. Or both. I don't care. But then you come back here and link up with the handy-dandy linky at the bottom! If i don't follow you, leave me a comment and I'll make sure to when I stop by your blog!

I never understood why kids had DVD players in the backseat of cars. I grew up just fine relying strictly on the radio and a good book. I swore and declared that my child would NEVER have a DVD player in the car. It was useless!

My daughters DVD player arrived on Tuesday. She's 16 months.

Why, you may ask, did I go back on my word? My daughter despises night-time travel. DESPISES it. She will scream and cry, even if I'm in the backseat with her. She's made herself sick before. She's fiiiiine during the day. She'll sleep in her carseat, she'll talk to us, she'll look at books or play with her toys, or just watch the scenery. But come night time? oh no. She's a different person. The ONLY way to calm her is to sit back in the back with her and let her watch Sprout Podcasts on my iPod. I can only take Sprout commercials for so long.

So, I bought her a DVD player. I'm hoping that this solves our nighttime screaming. I was scared that I would have to drive somewhere with her by myself at night, and not have a way of comforting her. It'll be limited to night-time use, but hopefully will be a lifesaver! Plus, if we go to the shop and she gets tired, she can watch it there as well.

So yes, let me turn in my AP card for allowing my toddler to watch TV. Even in the car.

What do YOU do that you said you'd never do? If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment! If you have a blog, link up!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wee Essentials Review

So, I never ever win anything. Like, EVER. I enter giveaways ALL the time to no avail. It's been like that my entire life. True story. But I never give up hope!

This time last year, I entered some giveaways on my friend Stephanie's blog. And I won! Two in a ROW! I won a gift certificate to both Wee Essentials and Angel Baby Earth Mama. For whatever reason, I used my EMAB gift card, but never redeemed my Wee Essentials. Well, I followed WE on facebook & twitter for the whole year, and a few weeks ago, the owner hosted a giveaway on her facebook page. And I entered. Cuz honestly? I enter EVERYTHING I can, ha! It was for 3 Ooga Booga pantyliners. I've been contemplating doing "mama cloth" for a while, as the chemicals in pads make me break out. I have to wear pantyliners a LOT because of the PCOS (and an excess of fluid) and if I'm blessed to be pregnant again anytime soon, I'll need them even worse! So, I entered.

AND I WON. I was sooooo excited. Like everyone else, our finances are tight right now. When she contacted me for my address, I asked if I could still use my gift card, and she said sure!

So, in the mail today, I received:
3 Ooga Booga Pantyliners
1 Tie Dyed Panty Liner
A Medium Jar of Cherry Vanilla SoapBits
A Sample of Rice Flower & Shea soap bits
An organic sucker (which Keevia may or may not get to taste..)
And a hand-written note.

All wrapped up in tissue paper and tied with twine. Honestly, I squealed when I opened the package. The panty-liners are SO STINKING CUTE, and look like they would work really, really well. They're super soft flannel  and a dark color so that your, eh, accidents don't show up too badly.

The soap bits smell DIVINE. I cannot WAIT to use them as a cloth wipe solution! I also didn't realize you could use them as refills for foaming hand soap. HELLO HEAVEN.

I just love how personal and cute she makes everything. Just stinkin adorable. She's excellent to work with, has outstanding customer service, and great product. If you're in the market for Mama Cloth, soap bits, chaptstick, or even natural sinus relief, PLEASE check her store out!

DISCLAIMER: I received the items in the post via a giveaway. The owner of the store in no way, shape, or form asked me to write this. I was merely shocked and amazed by the level of service I received, and the quality of the product and wanted to share it with all my peeps. Happy now Mr.Government Officials?

Giving it to God.

I'm going to be truthful. I am really, really struggling right now.

I want to be pregnant. BADLY want to be pregnant. Which is weird. Two months ago I BADLY didn't want to be pregnant. My baby was still a baby. I just strongly felt that I wasn't ready. Then it was like BAM and my baby hormones kicked in again.

Which is fine. But at that same time, I had a 54 day cycle. I'm currently like 37 days into a cycle right now. As soon as I get my period, I can start doing my basal temperature, but it's a waiting game to get my period.

And the hormones, oh my the hormones....Someone I know from high school posted a pregnancy announcement recently, and I was just overcome. I don't remember it being this bad after my miscarriage (although I'm sure it was worse, our hearts have a funny way of forgetting). Everyone it seems (I know not EVERYONE, but you know what I mean), seems to be pregnant, or to have just had a little bundle. I just don't understand the sudden RUSH of emotions.

So I'm trying to do what I need to do. I'm trying my hardest to hand it over to God. To say "Here. Your timing is perfect. You've shown us that already. Your timing in this would be phenomenal. I lay it in your hands."

It's hard y'all. It's very hard. All the what-ifs begin swirling in your head. "What if I can't get pregnant?" "What if Keevia is supposed to be an only child?" And those what-if's are scary when your dream is to be a mother, to have numerous children.

I really feel like this PCOS is kicking my butt right now. Before I had Keevia my cycles were pretty spot on, now they're 54 days??? We're almost completely weaned (she nurses like once a day), so I doubt that's it... I'd say it's the PCOS.

I'm trying to move forward. To take control of this disorder. To exercise. To diet right.

Lord, I lay it all in your hands. I lay the PCOS, the next pregnancy, the hopes and the fears. They're all yours. I know your timing is perfect. I know you have plans for us beyond our imagination, beyond our hope. I just pray that you open my eyes to your plan, and allow me to understand the steps you lead me on. I thank you for my beautiful daughter, my loving husband, and your Son, that you sacrificed for all of us. I thank you for the air we breath, and for the way you take care of us. I beg you to take care of this for me. It's in your holy name I pray.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joy Is...

Being outside on the first really warm day(s) of the year...

Stangers in the Night...

If you open up my back door, this is the view you get. Lovely, isn't it? Winter is pretty bleak in these parts, but that wood you see is the GLORIOUS deck my in-laws gave us for Christmas! But anyway, that's the hill behind our house.

This is just slightly to the left of that picture:
See anything odd in this picture? It's very hard to spot. Go to the top of the post, and go right about an inch. See that? That's a pop can.

Now, when we first moved in, I suddenly noticed a couple of pop cans on the hill (it is EXTREMELY steep, and will be very difficult to get to them to remove them), I figured that the guys that put my house in had thrown them up there while they were installing the house, and didn't really think anything of it.

Over the months, the popcans began to fade in color, and I never paid that close of attention to them. Then suddenly this winter, when there was snow on the ground, I noticed a NEW pop can, on TOP of the snow.

I thought it was odd, and mentally took stock of the cans when the snow melted off. There were three that I could see.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a couple more. I counted again, and sure enough, there were five. I began to pay MUCH closer attention. I asked my husband, just to be safe, and he said he had never tossed a can up there. I watched it like a HAWK when I went out in the mornings. Two weeks ago a sixth one showed up.

Now, I have to admit this little secret. I believe in bigfoot. Sasquatch. Whatever you want to call him. Over the past 3 months, I'd been joking that a Bigfoot was leaving me presents. Suddenly, I wasn't joking anymore. What in the WORLD was doing this? We have two dogs, but the incline was too great for them to get up there.

Fast-forward to last week. I was attempting to find our liquid children's benadryl in the house, to no avail. I knew I kept some in the diaper bag in the car, so I sent Carl out to look for it. He couldn't find it, so I gave up on it. The next day *I* looked for it, still no dice! A day or so later, we were backing out of the driveway and I glanced up on the hill. There, about 10-15 feet up the hill, was the bottle of benadryl. NO way for me to get it down. NO way for the dog to have gotten it up there. I was SO confused.

That night (or sometime very close) I was sitting in my chair, which is directly beside a window that leads to our deck. I kept hearing scratching noises, and little thumps. I made my husband (who was clad only in his underwear) get up and look (with a lot of whining and cajoling on my part).

Want to know what our culprit was?

One of these guys.
Yeah, that explains it.

(P.S. I'm assuming that the benadryl fell out of the car, and it got a hold of it that way. Otherwise we have a super, duper smart raccoon that can open car doors. Then I'm REALLY in trouble).

Lets name him Doug, shall we?

Monday, March 14, 2011

The one where I stuff toys down my bra....

I'm posting about Blair a lot today, but y'all, she's hilarious. She recently wrote a post about toy scalping. You should read it. In the post (if you're lazy and don't want to read it....)she talks about her sons attachment to a stuffed monkey, and her desperate search for a standin monkey, you know, in case monkey ever bit the dust.

She found one. On Ebay. For $75. Yeeks.

I wrote this little bit of wisdom on her blog:
"I WISH my child would take a lovey. At this point I would pay $75 for her to! Her lovey is my boobs. I’m not joking. Her hand shoots down my shirt whenever she’s tired, feels stressed, is hurt… ANYTHING. And she has to rub them to go to sleep. We’re working on going to sleep on her own in her crib, and I currently have to pull my bra off, lean over, pull my shirt down so my boobs are exposed, and let her rub them to go to sleep. We’re trying to get pregnant… I don’t think haulin’ a pregnant belly over the crib railing is going to work."

And y'all, I so would. We're almost weaned (yes, don't worry, a post is coming about that later), but she has to rub my boobs to fall asleep. She worries them just like some kids worry a lovie. If she's sleeping with me, that's what she goes to to comfort herself. It doesn't usually bother me, but when it takes her upwards of 45 minutes to fall asleep... I think I'm going to scream.

Plus, we really are trying to get her to go to sleep in her own crib. We're currently waiting on the 6-7 teeth she has coming through to show themselves though, because, well, that's just mean.

Meet "TipTop" which is obviously going to need a new name soon.
I have decided that this is going to be Keevia's lovie. I scored it on Amazon for like $7 (I was trying to get my free super saver shipping, as I stupidly let my Amazon Mom Prime run-out, LAME!).

I'm going to be desperate about this y'all. I'm going to sleep on her sheets. I'm going to stuff this little fellow down my bra and make a BIG DEAL about it when it gets here. I'm praying she takes to it. She loves her pacifier and her Mommy. I want her to love a stuffed animal as well.

So yes. I'm desperate. I will stuff random things down my bra for them to have that magic momma scent. I would crawl into her crib if I thought it would help. Or, you know, if I thought I could get back out.

Anyone have any ideas for a name for this thing?


No, not the TV show.

Blair, at Heir to Blair (who, by the way, is the reason I always do weightloss posts on Monday), discussed how she read an article in a magazine (normally read by menopausal women, just sayin') by Dr. Oz that encouraged people to take their weight loss journeys 24 hours at a time.

Well. Duh.

That point may seem rather obvious, but I to admit, after reading her post, I had an AHA! moment.

Of COURSE you should take it 24 hours at a time. Of COURSE. I've been trying to take it a week at a time, and I've been failing miserably. I do okay on Monday and Tuesday, but by Thursday (at the latest) I'm completely useless.

So this week, I'm taking it day by day. TODAY I will exercise. TODAY I will drink enough water. TODAY I will eat well.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll do the same. But I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Oh, and BA? You should have seen MY "stepping out on Saturday outfit." It makes yours look classy. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

My poor girl...

My poor sweet girl. This is how I'm seeing her a lot today.

We've been having sleep problems for a while now. Absolutely fighting going down like it's no ones business. I've been miserable, questioning my parenting choices... questioning, well, everything. She would usually (not always) sleep once she went to sleep, but getting her to sleep was a war. Finally we discovered that Daddy can get her to sleep much easier than me. For whatever reason. So we're going with it.

Last night she was SO fussy. I knew she was overtired, but she was just unconsoleable. My mom was holding her, and I happened to glance in her mouth (as she was screaming, I might add).

Low and behold... I see that her molars. MOLARS are swollen. Now, this may not be a big deal for most parents of 16 month olds... but my kid and teething are kind of different. She didn't get her first tooth until she was 1 year, 10 days old. Then she got three. Right now she has 6 teeth. Three on the bottom (two bottom middle, bottom right) and three on the top (same configuration). Her fourth "front" tooth is coming through on the top. Her bottom "front" tooth has no inclination of coming in. Like, at all. But whatever.

So, I was shocked that her molars were swollen. Then, I examined closer.

Her molars aren't just swollen. Her bottom molars, bottom eye teeth, top eye teeth, and possibly her top molars are all swollen. Y'all, that is 8 teeth. AND she still hasn't gotten that top front tooth through.

My poor, poor girl.

We gave her Tylenol last night, and she slept from 11pm-5am in her crib, then came in bed with me until 9am. It was blissful.

So, I expect we'll be doing a lot of this for a while, and I'm okay with it.

Baby snuggles are my favorite.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Potty Learning

I usually blog at night, and have "scheduled" posts for the next day. It means the posts usually happen in the morning, and I don't have to worry about posting during breakfast and such. Works for me! Since our internet went out though, my schedule has been kind of upset.

I actually had an entire different post planned, which will still probably take place tomorrow. But, last night, my little girl did something that changed todays plan.

                                                                                                               Who me?

Now, I know that she's not going to be prancing around in underwear next week. But it's a step.

I subscribe to potty learning instead of potty training. Training makes me think of dogs, and I don't like thinking of my kid as a dog... so I call it potty learning. I am teaching her to use the potty like a big girl, not training her to do so (and training, in my opinion, insinuates discipline, which I don't think has a place ((or has a very small place)) when it comes to using the bathroom).

My husband thought I was crazy when I purchased Keevia a potty chair right after her first birthday. "She's too little!" he exclaimed, "She can't even walk yet!"

"I know" I replied, "But I want her to get used to it." And that's exactly what we've done. We're getting used to the potty. Every night, when I'm running her bath, I strip her off naked and put her on the potty, and ask her if she needs to pee. Some nights she sits there happily, some nights she fusses as soon as I put her on there. I usually leave her there for, oh, 20 seconds if she fusses, then help her off. I never want to force her, or make her be wary of the potty.  If she's happy, I let her sit there until the bath has ran. I'm not even that consistent about it. We bath at Mamaw's house once or twice a week. Sometimes she and I take showers together.

Night before last (Tuesday night), I sat her on the potty and she fussed, so I got her back off and went along running her bath. I moved my foot a little and noticed that rug under my toes was wet... sure enough, after looking at her legs, I saw that my little stinker had promptly peed all over the floor. So I simply said: "Keevia, did you pee? It's okay baby, but when we have to pee and we don't have a diaper on, we pee in the potty, not on the floor. Let's get in the bathtub." I threw the rug in the wash and bathed my kid. After setting her out of the tub all sparkly clean, she took off, naked, towards the living room. I followed her, then went into the bedroom to get a diaper. I heard Carl go 'Uhoh Mommy! She just pooped on the carpet!' I came out of the bedroom going "REALLY? Really!!!" and then noticed he was laughing, he told me he was joking, then I looked down. "Well, she didn't poop, but she did pee!" So I repeated my little "We pee in the potty" spiel.

Fast forward to last nights bath time. Per usual, I stripped her down and plopped her on the potty, then went about getting the bath temperature right. No fussing! Once I got the temperature situated, I turned around and she signed "All Done" and held out her arms, and I got her off the potty chair.

And the rejoicing began.

So where do I go from here? I'm just going to keep on keeping on. We're learning the "potty" sign, and I ask her when I go in the bathroom if she wants to sit on her potty. I know we're months away from truly being "learned", but hey, a step is a step.

I honestly never thought I'd get so worked up over a little pee.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Our internet went out yesterday. I know, it was horrific. I don't know how I survived.

No, really. I bout went crazy. I have never been that dependent on the internet! I was constantly trying to check my email. I had emails I needed to respond to, bills I needed to pay, and freelance I needed to do.

But instead, I got to snuggle with a very, very gassy 16 month old. Crochet some for Rows For Remembrance, and watch Glee! with my husband.

Maybe that panicked feeling was more of a blessing than anything else!

(p.s..... This is my 300th post. How cool is that????)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Husband is my Hero.

I'm a stay at home mom (mostly). I mainly take care of our daughter all day. Now that she's older, I'm slowly being able to reclaim my home (except the guest room. Lets forget the guest room, shall we?). But I still get so frustrated when the laundry is piled up, or the dishes are taking over the kitchen. My husband speaks my love language. 

My husband works hard. Like, really hard. I'm sure I really don't have any idea how hard, I just know he comes back with some biiiiig sweat stains on his shirts. He doesn't sit behind a desk all day (not that there is anything wrong with that!), he does manual labor. His job requires him to put up doors, windows, paint, hillmen, cabinets, countertops, etc all day long. I am in awe of him. Really!

On top of all that, he comes home and he vacuums. And he takes out the trash. And he baths the baby. And lately, he's the only one who can get her to go to sleep.

He's my hero.

He knows when I can't take anymore screaming, and swoops in and takes Miss Priss. He knows when I get aggrevated by things, and steers us away. He usually knows what I'm thinking before I do. He is so fiercely protective of me and Keevia, and yet he's as gentle as a big teddy bear.

He is forever understanding when I'm sleep deprived, and gives the bed to me and the baby. He begs me to sleep in (even when I can't), and wants me to do WHATEVER it is that will make my life easier. He would buy me anything I merely though about wanting in a heartbeat if we had the money.

He's my hero.

We struggled through high school and college, dating then breaking up... but honestly? I can't imagine my life any different. He is so good to me, and I can only hope I am half as good to him.

I love you baby. Thank you for everything you do for me, and for Keevia. Thank you for how hard you work. Thank you for taking care of us. You really are my hero.

Who is your hero?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Achilles Heel

I've discovered what my Achilles heel is, especially when it comes to weightloss.

I suck at exercising.

Now, I could sit here and tell you I don't have time. Or that I don't have the resources, living in the small town that I do.

But I'd be lying.

I have the full Zumba DVD set. I've done one part of it once.

I have numerous other DVDs. I have the 30 Day Shred. I have Netflix access and could use their streaming videos. I have a CardioGlide exercise machine, and a cool bike thing at my Moms.

I don't do any of it.

I do have pain, and that partially keeps me from exercising. Working out with a bum hip can be excruciating.

But it's no excuse. In fact, it should be motivation.

I'm making no other goals, or any other comments, other than to say that this week, I pledge to work out three times. Three times between now and when I post next Monday is not impossible. I can do this.

P.S. I know I said I wouldn't comment anything else, but, um, guys? My pants didn't fit QUITE as tightly this week. And my pudge over my pants wasn't QUITE as big! Score! I haven't stepped on the scales, but they still feel looser!

"Voices of the Faithful" Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

A few months ago, I signed up on BookSneeze, and received my first book. I'll be honest, I picked this book because it had an author I was familiar with!

"Voices of the Faithful" is a daily devotion book, written by various authors. Beth Moore wrote the introduction and lent her name to the book. I've always had a heart for missions, and this definitely speaks to my heart!

Each day is written by a different author. They are small little stories written by real-life missionaries, showing the trials and tribulations of their life's work. It also shows the joy, the hope, the faith in God that gets them through.

I'll be honest, I didn't read the entire book. I did jump around a bit to get a feel for the whole book. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Each chapter of the book (each month) is a different theme. I really liked this, because if I was feeling persecuted, I could jump to June. If I needed to delve into God's Word a little, I could just to February. I loved that organizational touch! At the end of December there is a little bio of Beth Moore and information about Living Proof Ministries. It then delves in a little more into the mission field and gives information about how to pray, as well as if you're considering the mission field.

Each devotion is set up with a verse at the beginning, then the devotional part (the story), then a prayer at the end.

Personally, I longed for a longer devotion. I know that's not always feasible in a year-long daily devotional, but some entry's still seemed too short to me. It felt like I would just delve into a story and then be uprooted. Also, I'm not big on guided prayers, and they all seemed a little corny for me. However, I realize I probably need more corny in my life!

I would recommend this to anyone who has a heart for missions, or a heart for prayer (shouldn't we all?). Perhaps someone who wants a deeper level devotional should look elsewhere, but for someone who is looking for a 5 minute quick devotional... this is perfect! I would recommend it to all of my new Christian friends!


And now.... who wants to WIN this book?

Great! It's super-duper simple. Are you ready?

1. Leave your name & email address! That's it! (Mandatory)

Additional entries:
2. Like "The Divas Mom Blog" on Facebook, then, suggest us to your friends. Anyone who likes the page and gives YOUR name will give YOU an extra entry!
3. Become a GFC follower!

Please leave a SEPARATE comment with each entry!

Giveaway will END on March  11th at 11:59 PM! I'll draw a winner then!

DISCLAIMER: I was given this book for free to review. I have given my honest thoughts about the book, and have received no other compensation because of my review.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeeeeeeeeeeever... in the morning... Fever all through the night...

I have a fever. I think it's contagious.

Not Bieber fever, not a fever that needs more cowbell, and not a fever that raises the numbers on the thermometer.

I have baby fever.

Every time I get on facebook it seems there are more and more pregnant bellies and pregnancy announcements. And I badly want to join them.

We're ready to be pregnant with number two, we're just trying to have it done on God's timing, not ours. We hadn't been actively trying, but we haven't been doing anything to prevent it either.

Once I start my period, I'm going to chart again. My cycles are all screwed up because of this lovely PCOS, and I'd like to at least have an idea when I'm ovulating. Since I had Keevia my cycles have switched from 28 days to 64 days. Yeah...

So it may take us a while... and we're okay with that. I think my little girl is finally big enough to be a big sister (especially since it'll take another 9 months once we get a positive!), and I'm confident in being able to take care of two. Now just comes the waiting, and praying, game.

God knows whats best, and I accepted that a long time ago, now I'm just praying that his timing, and our timing, aren't completely against each other.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Sign Language

I live in the middle of nowhere, as I'm sure we've discussed before. I had absolutely no earthly idea about baby sign language until I was pregnant, because, well, no one does it around here. When I was pregnant, I was signing up for natural birth classes at my favorite local store, Mother Nurture, and I saw sign ups for a Baby Signing class. Around that same time, I stumbled upon the Attachment Parenting boards at, and found numerous people talking about various signs. So I got curious.

I bought a book or two on clearance, and promptly forgot about it. Until it became apparent that my little 4 month old KNEW when she wanted to nurse, she just couldn't communicate it. So I googled the sign for nurse (and chose to just to 'milk' for nurse, because she wasn't receiving any other milk at the time other than the boob), and began asking her if she wanted to nurse, and doing the sign. It wasn't very long afterwards (She was about 5-5 1/2 months) when I suddenly realized that she was doing it! She was signing to nurse! Not only that, when someone else had her, she would make the nursing sign to come back to Momma.

I was sooooooooooo excited, and yet I kind of dropped the ball. She stopped signing it as much, and I stopped teaching her new signs. Around the ten-twelve months though, I could tell her frustration levels were rising. So I started trying to teach her "more", "eat" and "Drink" for some reason that child has a mental block against eat and drink, but she picked up "more" in MINUTES. Since then, I'm struggling to find signs to teach her. Usually I show her a sign once, and BAM she knows it. It is OUTSTANDING.

Yesterday, she had just pooped, and was walking around my parents living room. I'd been working on "diaper" and "change" separately. My Dad, who fully supports signing but doesn't know all the ones she does, says "I don't know what sign she's making, what's this?" and then performed a sign. My chin hit the ground. She was signing "Change"!!! Not only is this big for signing, but it's also a step towards potty learning!

I have kind of wavered back and forth on whether I think that it's limiting her spoken words, but just last night she came up and said 'want more juiwcee'. So obviously she can talk. I think she says stuff that we just don't catch some times, and she's not one to repeat a performance (i.e. repeat a word she said).

Her current signs are:
cat (when prompted)
drink (sometimes)
all done
wiggles (she made up her own!)

She learns new signs daily, like I said. It's difficult for me to keep up! It has made our lives SO MUCH EASIER! When she's crying and inconsolable, I can start asking questions "Do you want a drink? Are you hungry?" and instead of just crying, she can answer me. I am forever grateful to whoever it was that determined little ones can use sign!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boba 2G Baby Carrier

 I know, I know... I own a lot of carriers. To date, I own a DIY Mei Tai, a DIY pouch sling, DIY woven wrap, Ergo Original in Galaxy, Beco Butterfly in I havenoideawhatprint and now a Boba 2G Baby Carrier in Earth.

I have not been compensated for this review. Full disclosure and all that.

As you can probably tell, I adore babywearing. Both my Beco and Ergo worked well, but I had the same problem with each carrier. I'd get Keevs in on my back, she'd fall asleep, and she would flop backwards. My kid is long waisted. She wears an entire size larger in shirts than she does in pants. Onesies are difficult for her because she's so long. I KNEW it couldn't be comfortable on her neck, and when you have a 16 month old with the head size of a normal FOUR YEAR OLD you worry about these things.

My friend Krista had recently bought done a carrier trial, and picked a Boba. I knew my friend Jessica had one, but I had just assumed that they were similar to the Ergo and Beco and it wasn't worth my time.

So I started researching, since both of my Mom friends loved them. And I discovered that they had a higher back than the Ergo AND the Beco. But... $100 is a lot of shell out when you don't have it.I desperately wanted one by this summer, when I very well may be doing a summer camp that would have me and Keevs going by ourselves. I needed somewhere she could nap for long periods of time, but would allow me to walk around some.

So, I began researching. And low and behold, a week or so after I decided I wanted a Boba, they went on sale for 40% off. Score! Even bigger score? The color I wanted was included in the discount!

I anxiously stalked the delivery, and met the mailman in the driveway. I tried it on as SOON as I got it out of the box. It was incredibly easy to adjust. And man, oh man, was it comfortable!

I LOVE the removable foot straps. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My 16 month old isn't quite big enough for them yet, but I love that it'll let her keep a good seat when she is. I also adore how it holds her closer to me.

And the flopping issue? Not a problem anymore!!! Keevs likes to flop back when awake as well, which can knock me off balance, and sometimes is quite dangerous. She can't do it in this carrier!!

We went to the mall this past weekend, and she slept in it twice. The sleep hood is darling and works well. I had to have help putting it up and on, but not a big deal. Even without the sleep hood though, HER HEAD DOESN'T FLOP!

I literally couldn't be happier. In many ways there isn't big differences between the Ergo, Beco and Boba, but it solved the problem I was having by having a longer rise!

The only negative is that it can only be used with babies 15 lbs and up. The Beco and Ergo both can be used with newborns (Beco has a built in infant harness, Ergo has one you can purchase separately). This wasn't a big deal to me, as I prefer to wrap or MT a newborn, but it's something to keep in mind. I didn't get either my Beco or Ergo until K was about 5-6 months, so I never tried them with a newborn either.

Love. Love. Love my Boba. I would honestly say that out of the three I have, it's my number one choice!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toddler Must Haves

When Keevia was like, what, two months old? I did two (well, three) posts on "Keevia's Must Haves" and "What Not To Waste Your Money On" as well as one where I freaked out because I forgot baby carriers.

So now, I'm doing a Toddler Must Haves. I don't know if I'll think of anything that falls into the Toddler What Not to Waste Money On... we'll see. For the picky people... I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for any of these products. I bought them all myself (or had them bought for me by family members). I am receiving nothing for linking to any of these brands, I just really, really like them. That is all.

1. Robeez Shoes. I know the pricetag is high. I have yet to buy a pair of Robeez for retail price. Once Upon a Child and Spot's Corner are your friend. I've spent $12 on a pair as my absolute most expensive ones....and Keevia wears them on a daily basis, so I see them as a good investment! Now, granted, Keevia has one pair of "big" shoes, hard rubber soles, so that when it's rainy and muddy she can walk around outside. But 90% of the time, she's in her Robeez.  She had only 1 pair in the previous size (6-12 months) but she currently has 3 pairs in 12-18. I need to start looking for 18-24 months!

2. Baby Carrier. I personally LOVE and recommend the Boba, Beco and Ergo. I seriously cannot say enough good, positive things about these. They let me get housework done. They let me shop. They let me do ANYTHING other than sit on the couch cuddling a fussy baby. Love. Love. LOVE THEM.

3. Lightweight Stroller. I know I said before that I thought you could live without a stroller. I still think that. However, if you feel the need to have a stroller (and hey, I have 2...)I recommend forgoing a big burly one, and getting a smaller, lighter weight one. We have a Chicco Liteway and I LOVE it. A Maclaran is another good brand. We chose the Chicco above the Maclaran because the Chicco reclines fully, wheras the Maclaran does not. It was a big deal to me when I bought it, and I couldn't be happier. Keevia has taken many of a nap in that stroller! My only complaint is that the wheels stick quite a bit. If I'd had the money, I would have LOVED a Bumbleride Indie.  Watch the second hand stores, especially if you're a Maclaran fan! I've seen numerous ones there!

4. High Chair/Booster. We did have a big HUGE high chair. I hated it. I now have a Summer Booster seat. I'm not CRAZY about it, because it doesn't have a tray... but Keevia can eat at the table with us now, which, once I get my butt in gear and clean it off better, is actually a big plus. Oh, and PS, check your local Big Lots... I paid $20 for mine!

5. Play Kitchen - Maybe not a MUST have, but it's been a huge hit for Keevia. We got her this one (or, well, we picked it out and Mamaw got her this one) because it grows with them. It fits her perfectly right now, and it'll grow with her as she gets taller. She loves it. Plus, if you have a super sweet aunt who makes you felt food for Christmas... all the better!

Other random things I love:
I love certain brands of clothes for Keevia. I'm a thrift store gal, so I buy what I can find. I'm sorry, but I doubt there will ever be a time where I will shell out $30 for one piece of clothing for her. Brands I like are as follows:
Baby Gap /Old Navy -- Very similar because they're made by the same company. I loves them. SUPER soft fabric and it totally wears well.
Garanimals - I don't love this brand in general, but I ADORE their pants. Both the sweats and their faux jeans. Keevia probably wore the jeans 4 days out of 7 this past winter.
Jumping Beans - I can usually score these for $1.50-2.00 at OUAC. I LOVE them because they fit over Keevia's head without a fight. They always either have buttons in the back, or buttons in the front, or are a little lower cut (with a demure thing that makes it not look scandalous). Other shirts I have to put a size up on her just to get them over her big noggin, but these I can actually put her in her size! 
Carters - Still, mainly, for their sleepers. I love both the fleece ones and the cotton two piece. The fit is just better on them than any other brand!

Toddlers are just easier than babies. You need a lot less stuff! There's stuff like sippies and things that I use on a daily basis, but that's really just personal preference. We like NUK's (of course my child would take one of the more expensive ones!). But that's pretty much my only NEEDs. She's still in her carseat from my last post (Britax Boulevard).  If we get pregnant again soon, I'll probably be purchasing a Sunshine Kids Radian for Keevia and then kiddo number two will inherit her Britax! We'll just have to see!