Sunday, October 26, 2008

Maternity clothes

Sad, I know, but I went maternity clothes shopping yesterday.
With the bloat and the 5 pounds I put on pre-pregnancy, my jeans were not going to be working very much, if any, longer. So, Momma and I (whom I had only told the day before) went a little crazy shopping yesterday!

I got 2 pairs of pants from JC Penney's. Normally $40.00 a pair, I bought one and paid $0.88 for the other pair! How awesome is that? At Target I got some great sale items. I got 2 shirts (identical, but one in black and one in a teal green color) for like $7 a piece. A brown shirt of $3 and a pair of black capri's for $6!

Old Navy I found a pair of Khaki capri's that I will only be able to wear from 6 months+ but thats okay, because it's too cold right now! I paid $4 for them! And a cute pair of jean shorts that I only paid $4 for as well!! I also got a $2 tank top that will be great for layering!

I'm wearing one of my maternity pants right now, and let me tell you... its the most comfy pair of pants I've ever worn!! I love them!!! I don't see why I wasn't wearing them before! LOL!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Husband (Carl) and I are expecting our first baby! This came as a shock. We're both college students (Although I am due to graduate in May), and were planning on waiting for HIM to graduate. However, we really couldn't be happier. Scared. But happy!

I'm scared right now, because I'm mildly cramping. All my buddies at tell me that its perfectly normal, and is probably just bowel or growing uterus related. I pray so! This is a surprise pregnancy, but that doesn't mean I'm not any less excited for it!!!

June 27th, 2009! I'm having me a Junebug!!!


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