Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My college community lost a hero last night. A dear, dear friend, Paul Rice, passed away after a motorcycle accident.

I've known Paul since my sophomore year of high school. He took me under his wing, and called me his daughter. He always referred to me as his Irish Beauty because of the coloring of my skin and hair. There was always a Hersey bar with my name on it when I was feeling down, and Fireballs whenever he passed me. All through high school, and my sophomore year of college, he kept insisting that I needed to meet his daughter. Once I finally did, we became fast friends, and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

I have gone from sobbing one minute, to laughing the next, after reading Facebook posts all day. This man has touched so many lives, and changed the course of so many. His strong Christian faith stands out through it all. He encouraged people in a way no one else could. His anecdotes like "don't fry bacon naked" will live on, as well as the heart we all knew and loved.

I distinctively remember walking into his office a few weeks after Carl transferred to KCU. I walked in with a smile on my face, yet he stated "You're lovesick, aren't you?" Within seconds I was almost in tears, telling my whole story to him. He could read people like no one else. He encouraged me to not give up hope, and that Carl would come around, and sure enough, he was right.

A year and a half later I walked back into his office. This time he smiled so big, and stated "It's a girl!". I had found out I was pregnant THE DAY BEFORE and no one knew other than my husband. We hadn't even told our parents yet. And he knew. He knew Keevia was going to be a girl.

Just yesterday, on the way home from a family outing to Natural Bridge, Carl and I were talking about Paul and his family, and how desperately we missed them. A few hours later, I received the call that he had passed away.

My heart goes out to his two beautiful daughters, and his amazing wife. My prayers are with them as they go through this tragic time. Please join me in praying for them, as well as traveling mercies for all the people who will be traveling this weekend to say their goodbyes, us among them.

I love you Paul, and I can't wait to sing in a choir you run the sound for in Heaven. Give Peanut a hug for me.


  1. Beautiful post, Shaina.

    Maybe I'll see you on Saturday.

  2. Ahhh...tears! Give the girls a hug for me. Everything in me wants to be there, but I can't:(


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