Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing: The story of Baby Bean

Yep! We're expecting again!

To say I'm in shock is an understatement.

I tracked my ovulation and fertility signs last month, but according to my temperatures, I never ovulated. I had other ovulation signs, but I wasn't betting that I ovulated. Eleven days later (around the fourth of July), I took two pregnancy tests (on two seperate days) that were both negative.

Fast forward another two weeks. I have really bad nausea and I've been EXHAUSTED for almost a month. I was also beginning to get heartburn (which I had my entire pregnancy with Keevia, and not at all otherwise). Carl and I were going out together to see Harry Potter, and then go to Wal-Mart, so while shopping, I picked up another test, just in case.

I ended up taking the test in the Wal-Mart bathroom and it turned positive IMMEDIATELY. I'm not going to lie, I cried like a baby on that toilet seat. We told our close friends and families, but kept it close to our chests other than that. Last Thursday I had my first ultrasound where we saw a strong heartbeat of 165.

I estimated that I was 8 weeks pregnant on that day. My last period would have me around 9 weeks. The baby showed to be around 7w4-5d on the ultrasound, so I'm close! It means I may not have ovulated when I thought, but the swimmers were there when the egg released. All in all, this baby is a gift from God, and we could NOT be happier.

I've had pretty continuous, debilitating nausea since around the time we found out. The exhaustion and poor sleep have been there since about conception time.

Last Friday I developed pretty severe Vertigo. I ended up laying down just about all weekend long (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!), and went to the doctor on Monday. I have a bulging ear drum on one side, and was given antibiotics. I'm slowly getting better. I sat up about 45 minutes yesterday and over two hours today. I'm praying to get better soon... as much as I LOVE Bones (which I'm watching on Netflix), my sides and my neck HURT from laying down so much. And I miss taking care of my toddler. My parents have been lifesavers and SAINTS through all of this. On top of taking care of Keevia, cooking dinner for all three of us plus themselves, and taking care of ME, my Momma came over and cleaned my house from top to bottom yesterday. She's a saint.

Pray that I get to feeling better soon and can be up and at'um. Pray for this sweet miracle, as a miscarriage is always in the back of our minds, and pray for all those out there who read this and think "Why not me?". I've been there folks. I'm going to strive to keep the blog updated more during this pregnancy, because with Keevia's I shied away from writing about my pregnancy... because I was afraid I would hurt the friends I had who were childless. I'm so sorry you're in that position, and I understand if you stop reading, but this time around, I need to blog for myself more.

So, the cats out of the bag, and we couldn't be happier!


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  2. Congratulations! You've won a blog award! Please visit here... see the details!


  3. P.S. Even though we're struggling to conceive, I am SO happy for you guys! I think it's super important for those of us who have issues conceiving to support each other through bad times AND the good! I always am 100 times happier when a friend of mine conceives who has been trying for a while! <3



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