Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We're in our house :)

We're still unpacking :(

Keevia is running a low grade (99.1) temperature, and we believe she has an eye infection.

She weighed 15.5 lbs at her 6 month check up, and was 26 1/2 inches long. SHe's 25%-50% in weight, 50-75% for height, and her head circumference is off the charts.

Mom's life is CRAZY right now. She's running to Lexington once to twice a week with various family members/friends to take them to various doctors appointments/surgeries. This makes MY life crazy because I have Keevia full time during the day... plus I'm usually cooking for my Dad, Hubs, etc. And I never seem to be near (or in the same house as) a computer when she naps!

Keevs has started going down at bedtime (8:30ishPM) and getting back up an hour later, being fussy and restless, and FINALLY falling asleep around 11. I'm EXHAUSTED because this was always my relax time... and my clean time.

Separation anxiety has set in. BIG time.

And she's fussing like CRAZY right now, so I better go.

I promise, I'm going to try to get back to 4-5 posts a week. I miss the outlet, and I really miss not recording her little minutes!

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