Sunday, September 18, 2011

I don't even know what to call this post...

My husband doesn't get home a lot of nights until 8-9 pm. My back has been giving me sooo many fits that my Momma has taken pity on me and done bathtime with Keevia quite a bit the last few weeks.

Well last night I could tell that Momma wasn't feeling great, and my back wasn't AS bad, so I thought I'd do it and give her a break.

I commonly do co-showers with Keevia because it kills two birds with one stone. When we're at Mom's, I can wrap her in a towel, set her out of the shower and she toddles in to get her jammies on while I finish my shower. It works GREAT.

Well, last night I had just started showering with her, when I noticed that she was squatting in the corner of the tub. My Mommy radar started going off and I said "KeeKee, do you have to poop?" to which she answered no (she always answers no). Then I noticed her start to strain a little, so I pulled her to stand and said "let me get the potty!"

Not knowing what else to do, I pull her little potty into the shower with us and plop her down. 20 seconds later she stands up and it's quite obvious that my Mommy radar was correct. Now I'm stuck. Do I wash her with the washcloth?

So, I called for mom. So much for a calming bath with Mommy, I think. Mom comes in and rescues me by pulling the potty out of the tub and handing me a diaper wipe.

Two minutes later, Keevia starts squatting again. I call mom BACK in and she puts Keevia on the potty outside. She ended up not doing anything else, but she took her sweet time deciding that!

FINALLY we got everyone clean and in their pajama's, but it definitely wasn't the bath-time I had envisioned!

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