Tuesday, January 17, 2012

32 weeks!


I just wrote that. 32 weeks. That means I have 8 weeks to go. 8 weeks is two months.


Plus, if you take into account the fact that I went at 39 weeks last time.


I still haven't gained much, if any weight (in fact, from 28 weeks to 31 weeks I lost a 1/2 lb (thanks stomach virus). I started this pregnancy out at 245ish (my scale) and now I'm 235ish. My face has slimmed down SO much, as have my ribs and my legs. SO not complaining! I'm hoping to keep it up and actually LOSE weight while breastfeeding this time!

Keevia (or well, my uterus) always measured a week behind (so if I were 30 weeks, my uterus measured 29 weeks). This little lady always measures a week ahead. So, um, I'm 2 weeks bigger than I was with Keevia.

I definitely FEEL bigger. I'm having "issues" right now that I didn't have for at least another month last time (turning over in bed, bending over, picking things up). I also have SO much more shortness of breath this time around, but it gets better if I lay down, so I have a feeling its my uterus pushing against my lungs (that and the fact that neither my asthma inhaler NOR my oregano oil helps). I'm excited for her to drop so I can breath better, NOT excited for her to drop because of that "falling out" feeling!

I'm big on drinking chocolate (Ovaltine) milk right now. Also big on bananas (trying to keep foot cramps at bay) and other fruit. I have a hard time thinking of food to eat (that doesn't have wheat). Meat is still an issue, I really have issues eating it some days.

I have a knee or a foot or a something that likes to try and push out right under my right rib cage, that can be quite painful. She ALWAYS wakes up when I lay down and is extremely active.

Knowing that I'm possibly 5 weeks away from meeting my sweet girl is just mind blowing. I'm not scared about delivery at all, just scared/worried about what we'll do with Keevia. My mom and Carl will (hopefully!) both be at the hospital with me, but I need both of them in the room with me. My dad is going to drive up from his work if I go into labor while he's at work, but that's an hour and a half away. If, for some reason, he waits until we GET to the hospital and then leaves, well, I just hope he makes it. I don't have a problem with Keevia being in the delivery room when I deliver at all, in fact I think it would be pretty awesome... but I don't want her freaking out either. I know my sister will be near, and my mother in law and sister in law will probably come up, as well as friends... it's just I don't know how quickly this labor will go. I hope it's quicker than last time (24+ hrs in the hospital before delivering) but I also hope it's not like SUPER fast (we live an hour and a half from the hospital, and my hubby is, at times, 3 hours away). But as for the actual DELIVERY, I'm not stressed at all! ha!

It's crazy how much our lives will change, but I can't wait. I'm starting to really get into nesting mode though, I can feel it!

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  1. I am 32 weeks as of today. way nervous right now.......its my first, so I don't really know what to expect. I just hope everything goes well and my baby is healthy. Best wishes to you!


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