Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Abrielle!

Oh, sweet baby girl. My little sugar peach. I cannot fathom the fact that you are ONE!

You weigh 19 lbs and 7 oz. You are 29.5 inches long. Perfectly normal for a one year old girl.

You don't talk much beyond "Hi!", "Mama" and "Dada" and you refuse to sign anything.

You can walk 10-15 steps at a time, crawl anywhere, and you LOVE to climb.

You will eat anything you can get your hands on. Literally. You ate a poblano pepper the other day that you weren't a big fan of... but it didn't really slow you down. You aren't fond of asparagus or broccoli, but that is about it.

You have the sweetest heart. You start crying whenever your sister is upset.

You're still a crappy sleeper, but its okay. Mommy likes the snuggles.

You still nurse 12+ times a day.

You LOVE being worn. If you're fussy, or tired, I just put you up and you zonk out.

You're beginning to show your love of music. I love how when it comes on you simply cannot sit still.

You love to give kisses (if its your idea).

You fall asleep on Daddy's chest better than anywhere else.

You had your lip and tongue ties revised by laser surgery last month, and were a champ (more on this later, promise).

You LOVE books. Just today you pulled a book all way from your room to Papaw and climbed in his lap to look at it.

You are a Papaw's girl. You light up and start plotting how to get to him as soon as he enters a room.

You never slow down. You are full speed from when you wake up until you fall asleep.

You're tough as nails.

You're perfect little one!

I love you so much sweet girl. I can't believe it's been a year, and I look forward to enjoying you and your sister for years to come.

Happy Birthday Abbi Jean.

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