Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9 Months

Keevia, Today you are nine months old! I cannot believe that you have been outside as long as you were inside! It has went much, MUCH faster than a pregnancy does. MUCH.

Keevs, at 9 months you are-

- Still in size 2 diapers... but as soon as we use up all the size twos we have, you'll be moving on up to size 3!
- Still have several (footless) 3-6 month sleepers you wear. You are mainly in 6-12 month stuff though (still!).
- You play on the floor for hours sometimes. You LOVE it.
- You love to feed yourself ANYTHING.
- You freakin' LOVE TO STAND. It's pretty much your favorite thing ever and you want to do it all the time.
- Still not crawling, but you're super close!
- No teeth. No signs of them anytime soon!
- You are pretty much consistently sleeping through the night! You go down sometime between 9-11 pm, and then sleep until 5-7 am. Then come in bed with me until I get up around 8. You usually keep sleeping for another hour or so.
- I think you're attempting to transition to one nap a day.
- Your favorite toy is this little plastic farm that Mamaw Caudill bought you on clearance. It has 4 animals on different shaped pedastals (square, circle, triangle and pentagon), then has cutouts in the roof in the shape of letters. You think its the coolest thing ever.
- You've started having temper tantrums. And trust me, thats what it is. If I set you on the floor and then walk away, you'll lay your little chin to your chest and cry like I've just broke your heart. Then you look up, out from under those LONG lashes, and see if I'm paying attention, and then cry again.
- You soooo want to be mobile. It kills you when something is out of your reach.
- You LOVE peaches.
- Your love of music knows no bounds. You have a Backyardigans guitar that sings and plays and you ADORE IT. You also have two standing tables that you love as well.
- Your new trick is to put both hands up and wave whenever a song comes on. It cracks us all up. You also "bounce" and dance whenever you hear music.
- You do NOT LIKE when Mommy cries. It freaks you out to no avail (as we discovered when mommy screamed bloody murder and cried when she almost broke her ankle).
- You still L-O-V-E to eat. Anything. Everything. You nurse every few hours, and eat whenever Mommy eats, whatever Mommy eats.
- You take baths on Mommy's kitchen island (in Mommys old baby bath!), and in a (clean) mop bucket at Mamaws. You love water whatever way you get put in it!
- You like to give Mommy "kisses", which mainly means you try and eat my chin off while gently patting my face. Cutest thing ever.
- You babble CONSTANTLY. But when you first wake up (either in the morning or after a nap), you babble in whispers.
- You call me Mama, and Mamaw "Mom-Mom" or "Mam-Mam", you call Daddy Da-Da, and I believe you call Papaw buh-buh.
- You smile and laugh easily. Your little giggle is the cutest thing in the world. Its kind of deep and chortley.
- You've started growling (thanks Daddy), and the funniest thing is when you growl "Mama".
- You don't take your pacifier as much anymore. You don't take it unless you're sleepy or when we're in a new social situation. You've never woken up looking for it, so we won't wean you off of it.
- When you stand, sometimes you get so independent that you want to let go with BOTH hands and get quite aggravated when we won't let go.

We love you so much. You are growing into such a little individual, with little tantrums and giggles, and smiles. You light up my world, and set my heart a flutter whenever you say Mama and lift your arms to me. When you snuggle up to me in the mornings, I feel perfectly content. I love the little curls on the top of your head, and the little nails on your toes. Watching you grow is so bittersweet. I can't help but mourn your babyhood as you get more and more independent (and trust me, you ARE independent). You went to bed completely for the first time without Mommy when I was in the ER, and that breaks my heart (although it makes your Daddy feel good!) because you don't HAVE to have me anymore. You're growing up baby girl. I can't wait to see the toddler, the child, the young adult, or the woman you'll become... but I will gladly keep this cuddly, snuggly baby for as long as possible.

I love you puddingtang, miss priss, TiTi, snugglepie... whatever the nick name, I love you Keevie.

Love, Momma

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