Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am a itchy redpink mess.

I have poison sumac. Not poison ivy (I'm not allergic. I can run frolicing through a field and never have a problem), but poison sumac... ALL OVER MY FACE.

It start Friday (I think), when Mom, Keevia, & my double-third cousin Clearie went "cemetery huntin". What, you may ask, is that? It's when we traipse all over the county searching for graves of people who departed this world over a hundred years ago. Sometimes the graves we find have completely smooth headstones. Sometimes you have to climb over fallen logs, pull up weeds, and move dead leaves just to photograph said smooth headstones. And apparently in the process, you get poison sumac on the left side of your nose. And then it spreads ALL around your left eye, down your cheek, onto your other cheek, on the back of your neck, on your right shoulder (under the bra strap!!) and on your left boob. And then you have to go to the doctor and spend 2+ hours with a very nice one who takes a lot of time (and phones your midwife) to make sure the medicines he gives you won't affect your 8 month old who still nurses around 12 times a day.

All in all, an eventful day, no?

Now I have to do dishes, get the trash ready, and wash clothes. Keevia and I (and my parents) are headed to a family reunion this weekend... five hours away *gulp*. I think it'll be fine... just going to be a long drive.

Keevs is doing well. After being fussy all weekend, we headed to the chiropractor. Her neck and her back were out. We went to see "Eclipse" last night, and, unfortunately, I only got to see about 2/3 of it.... she was soo fussy. She pooped on the way home though, and seems to be fine now!

Onwards to laundry!

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