Monday, July 5, 2010

Keevia - 8 months

Again, I'm a week late. Suck at life.

Keevia, at 8months you are...

- Still in size 2 diapers! You are a SLOW grower!
- Can wear 3-6 month onesies, 12 month outfits, 12 month sleepers, 12 month pants... or all 6-9 month stuff... expect sleepers. You have to have 12 month sleepers!
- Reach for us like no ones business now!
- You can roll wherever you want to go.
- You LOVE being on the floor and playing. In fact, you get quite upset if you don't get some floor time.
- Are trying to be more mobile SO badly. You want to walk, crawl, stand, etc... but you simply can't yet. :(
- You still can't handle anything with apples in it. You get super fussy and gassy if we give you any juice, or baby food with even a trace of apples in it.
- You EAT kid.You eat 2 tablespoons of oatmeal every morning, plus whatever I eat for breakfast (if I eat after you). You have veggies and such for dinner, and usually eat 3+ baby carrots, or 3+ broccoli florets, or something like that.
- You are a social long as Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw, or Papaw is holding you. You love to smile and flirt from familiar arms. You'll let other men hold you, but not really girls. You're so picky!
- Speaking of being picky... if I drop a drop of oatmeal on the high chair tray, you poke and pick at it and won't eat until it's removed.
- You LOVE to play. You especially love wire mazes with the little beads, your cell phone, and baby dolls.
- You love other babies! We see Xay quite a bit, and you just squeal and talk to him!
- You are starting to LOVE back carries. As soon as I start putting you on my back you just squeal and giggle.
- You clap your hands, wave, and shake your head while you smile.
- You can sleep through the night. You don't all the time, but it is a possibility. You still always start out the night in your pack and play, and come in bed with Mommy and Daddy once you wake up to nurse. I love my snuggle time!
- Even though you eat a ton, drink a few ounces of juice, and *gasp* a few ounces of 2% milk a day, you still nurse every 2 hours during the day!
- You love water... I can't wait to maybe take you in the pool sometime soon!
- Your hair is adorable. It curls on the top and is straight on the top.
- You love our kittens. You want to pet them and love them and stroke their fur!
- You wear size 1 shoes, sort of. They don't really fit so great (still too big! You have the tiniest feet!), but I can make them stay on!
- You try to give us kisses, and love on us occasionally. You're too independent to snuggle unless you're sleepy.

You are amazing. I laid in bed with you last night, watching you nurse, and I just cried. You have made me happier than I thought imaginable. I love you so much, and I know your Daddy loves you just as much. We're a family, and we can weather anything. You light up my life, and your little smile lights up my day. I love you big girl.


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