Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm BACK (and happy new year!)

Woo! I think I'm back! Maybe. Hopefully.

Since October, I've basically been computerless. I was using Mom's at her house, and sometimes I would start a post, and invariably my darling daughter would pick THAT MINUTE to wake up. I own a laptop, and RIGHT when we moved into our house back in May, the blahblablah on the monitor went out, so to be able to see what I'm surfing, typing, etc., I have to have it hooked to an external monitor. Which means it has to be stationary. I had it in the living room from about August until October, which worked GREAT... But then Keevs birthday party came around and I went crazy organizing and cleaning and put it back in the Kitchen/Dining room so that I could have more room in my living room... then Christmas happened...

Anyway. We bought an upright freezer and it had to have SOMEWHERE to go, and that somewhere just happened to be where my computer was. So now my computer is on the awkward wall-space between my kitchen and my living room.

Really, I need to post pictures of my house. It has a weird layout!

Anyway. I'm back. And I pray I'm able to write more. I really miss it. I feel like I'm missing K's moments! I WISH I had blogged more about her first year.

Oh, and by the way. Happy New Year!

Are you making any resolutions? I'm not one to make them normally, but this year I am. I'm making 3.

1. Exercise more.
2. Make the choice to ENJOY time with my daughter.
3. Write more.

Let me explain. No, it will take to long. Let me sum up. (Movie line! Anyone? Anyone?)

1. I'm not going to commit to losing weight. I'm going to commit to exercising more. Yes, I need to lose weight. More than I've needed to lose weight ever before (I'm at my heaviest ever right now). But I want to concentrate on exercising. On getting in shape, and the weight will come.

2. Keevia is a pleasure 95% of the time... but sometimes she drives me crazy. Her sleep habits, which most would celebrate over, get on my nerves occasionally. She's teething, so sometimes her moods aren't the best, and she's a very, very active toddler. I'm striving to CHOOSE to enjoy every moment I have with her, even the not so fun ones.

3. I think it's simple. I need to write more. I need to be a more disciplined blogger, and I need to begin writing some fiction. It needs to come out some way so it'll stop keeping me up at night.

What are your resolutions?

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