Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, lets see..

It's almost a week after new years day... lets see how I've done on my resolutions so far, shall we?

1. Nope.
2. Nope.
3. Nope.

I recently read a book called "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin... In it, the main character, named Rachel, has this thing where when she's trying to stop doing something, she says "1 - 2 - 3, GO!" and gives herself a clean start. So.





In my defense on the Exercise front, I'm trying to make sure my body is in alignment before I start working out. I took a tumble in Lexington before Christmas when the ice was so bad, and I'm still not up to par. It knocked my pelvis, my sacrum, my right hip and various vertebrae out of alignment. For whatever reason, I'm not staying in with adjustments either. Right now my left low back is hurting, as is my right hip.

Keevs is doing fine. She now has 5 teeth! I noticed two days ago that she had gotten her lower right tooth!

This is purely for me:
Lower right tooth (middle): Nov. 8th
Lower left tooth (middle): Nov. 11th
Upper right tooth: Nov. 28th
Upper left tooth:Dec.3rd
Lower right tooth (outer): Jan 4th.

Keevia can now sign:
all done
and occasionally eat
I think she's trying to get "drink" down. We're working on it!

She has said stuff as advanced as "little people" and she constantly tells the dog to "aay doowww" (Lay down). She says Mama, Mamaw, Papaw, and Dada pretty well! "Nana" seems to be drink, or nurse.

I really feel the call to pray more. I need to dive in the word much more than I have been. I'm going to be honest. My personal walk with Jesus is completely lacking. I honestly can only go up from here. And with the things going on in the world around us, I've been having some serious anxiety issues. I literally almost had a panic attack today while Mom was watching some alternative news videos. I just feel like God is saying "Pull into me" and I really, really need to listen.

I have a book review for Book Sneeze coming up soon, and maybe that will help me! I received a daily devotional book, that so-far, I really like. Something to look forward too!

So, yet again.

1. 2. 3. GO!

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