Friday, June 17, 2011

Reflecting on clutter...

I hate clutter. Hate it. If you sit me in a room in my house right now, I start to twitch. Unfortunately for me, either A)Keevia is asleep, so no loud noises may be made, or B) I'm too dang tired to do anything about it.

But it slowly drives me insane. I can't watch "Hoarders" without getting up to clean something. Carl and I will take a biiiiig day and clean our hearts out, then two weeks later (because I don't keep it up), it's worse than ever. And don't get me started on our guest room...

But tonight, as I was rocking (yes, I still rock my 19 month old to sleep) my baby girl, looking around at all the clutter in my living room, I realized something.

My house would be a LOT less cluttered if I didn't have a toddler.

And you know what? That's unacceptable. I cannot imagine my life without my sweet girl... so I guess I can't imagine my life without the clutter.

It's nice to look at it in a new way. It's nice to embrace the clutter, and to not shy away as much. It's nice to realize how empty my life would be WITHOUT that clutter.

It's nice to see clutter through Keevia size glasses.

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  1. I completely understand. I hate clutter so much, but since having a little one, it's sort of piled up. Well not literally, but way more than I would have accepted a year ago!


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