Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why I'm switching doctors...almost half-way through my pregnancy...

Let me preface this by saying I am switching doctors because we are moving, and would be 2+ hours away from my current doctor. I'm actually returning to the OB I had when I miscarried and all throughout my ovarian cysts. I am VERY excited to be going back to her (mainly because I can have a midwife) but I'm even more excited after my Monday appointment...

So, I have my 16 week check-up. I had only been seen once before, at 11 weeks. At my 11 week appointment, I had a papsmear, ultrasound and bloodwork done. No nutrional counseling/questions about my diet. No questions about my habits. No questions about..well..anything. No prenatal counseling whatsoever. My mom, who worked prenatal care for 5+ years was NOT impressed (neither was I really).

At my 16 week appointment, where I had to drive 2+ hours to go to it, because I had to sign releases for my medical records anyway, and do some stuff in our apartment... anyway, I go in, wait 20ish minutes in the waiting room, go back, wait 30ish minutes in the room. My doctor walks in, lays me back on the table, uses the doppler. While he's searching for the HB (I wasn't concerned, we could here SP moving around like crazy), he asks how I'm doing. I relate to him my constipation woes, and he discusses writing me a script for a stronger stool softener. He then finds the heartbeat, tells me how fast it is, wipes my stomach and says "Well, we'll see you back in 4 weeks for the big ultrasound!" and walks out.

He didn't write me a script, he didn't tell me anything about my bloodwork, he didn't do ANYTHING. Didn't ask if I had any questions.. I had dropped 3 pounds since my last appt, and he goes "have you been sick?" and I said "no" and he left it at that!

AUGH. SO glad I'm switching doctors!

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  1. Sounds awful. :( Stupid doctor. I'm glad you're getting to switch to someone better.


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