Friday, May 29, 2009


God works miracles. God works in wonderful ways.

This is pretty common knowledge, yet its sometimes hard to see these in our own lives.

My husband is switching colleges. This is a decision that has been met with resistance from our current college, and joy from the college he will be attending. Both Carl and I attended EKU our first year. For various reasons, we both left. I lived in the dorms my first semester, and then got an apartment by myself the second semester. I had to break my lease when I switched to KCU, but I had been told I was going to have to move anyways.

Carl, my Momma and I all went down to Richmond to look for an apartment on Wednesday. I had spent several hours Tuesday calling different apartment agencies, and getting listings. I had scoured the newspaper's adds. I had a list of several possibilities, and was quite hopeful.

So, we get to Richmond and begin looking at apartments. All the ones in our price range (under $450 for rent and utilities) were way, way, WAY too small. There was no way that our bed (queen size) and a baby bed would fit in ANY of those bedrooms, and there's no way that my baby is sleeping in another room as a newborn.

So, we began driving around, looking for "FOR RENT" signs, and calling the numbers that were on the signs. We struck out for about an hour, when Mom decided to drive down around where my old apartment had been. It was about 2 blocks from campus, so I thought, sure, why not. We had been told that the buildings were going to be torn down, and that was why I had to move (I moved anyway before I HAD to move, and because technically *I* broke lease, I lost my deposit.) When we drove to the end of the street, low and behold, there was my old apartment building! And low and behold, there was a for rent sign in the yard!

So, Carl called. They had a 1 bedroom availble and a 2 bedroom. We asked if we could see them, and the lady said sure. I jokingly said "Wouldn't it be funny if that one bedroom was my old apartment?" When the lady got there, she led us into my old side of the building, and then TO MY OLD APARTMENT. I started cracking up, then when she gave me an odd look, I told her I had previously lived there.

We went inside, and checked everything out. Basically, it was just as I had left it. It was $395 + utilities. I'm not really sure how we're going to swing it, but it was by far the best choice. We signed the lease, paid first months rent, and now have the keys. We will tentatively begin moving things in on the 3rd for 4th. I want to get everything out ASAP as I will be paying double rent until we do. I have an appointment with my new doctor on Monday, June 1st, and figure I may need Tuesday to recover, so we're planning on going to the apartment on Tuesday night to begin packing.

I'm excited. I loooooved my old apartment.. it was perfect. It's a very large bedroom, and fairly large living room/dining room area. The best feature? IT HAS A FREAKING DISHWASHER. The only downer is that it has an apartment size washer/dryer, and if it breaks, they will not replace it. There are no washer/dryer hook ups and no room to put one in anyway.

It was just too much of a coincidence that it was MY old apartment that we now rent. There are probably thousands of apartments in Richmond, and this is the one that we end up in. Crazy as it sounds, this just concreted it in my mind that this is the right decision for us.

We're going to miss KCU. We may have not agreed with all of the rules and regulations, or the bureachracy, but we'll still miss the people. We feel this is where we're being called, and we're happy to react to that call.

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  1. Congrats on the new apartment! That is completely random that it's your same apartment again! :-P


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