Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pregnancy isn't all roses.

Can I be perfectly honest for a little bit?

Let me preface this with a lot of disclaimers:
1. I have lost a pregnancy. I know not to take anything pregnancy related for granted. Being someone who has lost a pregnancy, I know what it feels like when you hear someone complaining about their symptoms and want to just throttle them, because you would DIE for those symptoms. I still get annoyed with some of the first trimester girls who are like "oh, this morning sickness is going to kill me!!" Drives me crazy.
2. I am so, so, so, so excited and happy to be pregnant. I have never been happier in fact. I cannot WAIT for October/Nov to get here.
3. I just want to write this post for some of the other pregnant girls out there who might be feeling the same way I do.

Alright, now that my disclaimers are out of the way...

Pregnancy isn't all roses. In fact, parts of pregnancy sucks. Parts of pregnancy are some of the hardest things I've been through. I do have other medical problems that I am sure add to it... and I may just be having a 'difficult' pregnancy.. I'm not sure. But dang, it's hard.

This may be TMI, so read at your own risk... I have constipation issues that are literally driving me insane. I am continually stopped up, and it makes me miserable. I am going once a week, and thats only with the help of laxatives. I do have some chiropractic issues in that area as well. The last two times I've went in to see my CP, my L1 vertebrae has been out....this goes directly to the bowels. I take fiber, I take stool softeners, I drink extra water, I eat prunes. NOTHING. This back up causes me to throw up as well. My nausea is almost gone... but I'm still puking!

I cannot stand up. I can walk, and I can sit...but I can't stand. When I stand, I get sick. I get nauseous, I get dizzy, I get hot, I feel like I'm going to pass out. This makes shopping and cooking (among other things) nearly impossible. It's one of the more annoying symptoms I have.

Headaches - Oh good Lord. I've had migraines since I was about 15, but I have never had them this bad. I MIGHT get one every few months, but I have probably had 4-7 mild ones and 1-2 bad ones in the past month. Some last more than one day.

So why am I writing about all my ailments? To let you know that I am miserable... and to let you know that it is OKAY to be miserable while pregnant. Our bodies are going through such an amazing change... of COURSE we're going to feel the ramifications. I try to listen to my body as much as possible. This means our apartment is dirty and my homework is overdue, but I want this baby to be as healthy as I can make it. I'm miserable, but its a happy misery. There are times I just have to cry because of how miserable I am...but I cannot wait until I can feel SP moving and know that it is ALL worth it. It's hard for me to feel pregnant sometimes, I just feel...miserable.

I'm almost done with school, but if I pull off all the stuff I have for my independent study class, it's going to be a freaking miracle. Once I get it done, I just have a final and a paper in my other two classes.

Remind me to post pictures of Diva, my new fur baby. She is mean as snot, and I am covered in kitten scratches, but she is a cutie!

Alright, off to order some pregnancy pilates dvds. Haha!



  1. Good gracious, I feel bad for you. I know what you mean about wanting to feel the symptoms, though. With our lost baby I didn't have any symptoms at all. Whenever we get preg. again, and if God willing we get to keep it, I will be pleased as punch to be puking. :-)

    Anyhow, I hope your plumbing issues get worked out. :-)

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy! Have you tried colace for the constipation? It helped me so much. I'm still puking also, multiple times a day...

    I hope you're able to feel better soon!

    Talk to your dr about the migraines. Mine put me on medication.


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