Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 & 11 months

Keevia, since I suck as a mommy, your 10 month post and 11 month post are going to be together!

- Child, you have had a growth spurt!!! While you can still (barely) squeeze into some 6-9 month pjs, you are mainly wearing 18 month pjs. You still wear a few 6-9 month clothes, but you're mainly in 12 month, with a few 18 month shirts thrown in. You are SO long waisted! It depends on the shirt/brand, but most 12 month tshirts are way too short.
- You're still snugly in size 3 diapers!
- You are a cruiser!!! You are so, SO close to walking. You could do it if you had the nerve! At 10 months you were cruising ALL along the couches... at 11 months that isn't good enough anymore. You want to WALK. This requires someone to walk you though! You can walk 1 handed, although you randomly freak out.
- You have gotten over your stroller aversion! At 10 months you started zonking out at a craft festival and go to sleep easily in it as long as someone is walking you.
- It's finally cooled off enough for you to be worn again! Yay! Mommy missed those cuddles (even the back ones).
- You still eat EVERYTHING, although textures are beginning to get to you. You no longer like strawberries, or fruit pieces in your yogurt.
- You are very talkative, although half the time I don't know what you're saying.
- You are OH SO VERY opinionated. You know what you want, be it a drink while eating, or down when you're sitting on someones lap, and you are NOT afraid to let the whole world know it!
- STILL no teeth! LOL
- You sleep WONDERFULLY in the carseat now. About 7 pm though you get fussy and want to be home... we've been able to "sing" you down, or give you a sippy and you usually go on to sleep. We try to not test that theory much though.
- EVERYONE tells me what a good baby you are! Right at 10 months old we did your first craft festival. You spent the whole weekend playing and cruising in a playpen (when you weren't nursing or being strolled), and I got COUNTLESS comments like "Does she do that at home?" It was AWESOME. You rock as a baby. Really.
- You have consistently slept through the night since 9 months. Really haven't had many instances that you haven't! Its great!
- You've had 3 big boo-boos. The first was in Michaels craft store. You were walking one handed and totally face-dived. You had a good silver-dollar sized bruise on your forehead! Then you pulled a TV table over on top of yourself and gave yourself a black eye. Then recently, with that same tv table you managed to pinch your finger really bad. You are very tough though! If you're crying, I know you're hurt, not just whining!
- Speaking of whining... you have turned into a whine box! You whine if your food isn't fast enough, if your juice isn't fast enough, if you don't have mommy, if you're sleepy... usually we can go to the chiropractor and that makes it better... but sometimes nothing helps.
- You LOVE eating ice-cream bars. The funny thing is when you take a big bite and then start screaming because its too big. Am I a bad mom for thinking this?
- You are still nursing numerous times a day, and I love it.
- You can give hugs, kisses (big, sloppy open mouthed ones), high five, blow kisses, and wave!
- You LOVE baby dolls. LOVE them. Squeal loudly when we walk down the toy aisle.
- you are the biggest dancer! You love music so much, and you dance whenever you hear it, even if you're screaming!
- You HATE the cold, but you sleep with your feet out from under the covers.

You are perfect. Your toothless, dimpled grin lifts my heart. Your tiny hands patting my face make me smile, and your big open mouth kisses make my heart soar. Your little stubborn personality simultaneously makes me want to pull my hair out and kiss you all over. You will never take any crap from anyone, and I cannot express how happy I am because of that.

You have made me a better person. And on the days when I feel like a horrible Mommy, you lift your hands and cry for me, and I know that I'm not. I love that little "Mama! Mama!" that you mastered at 5 months.... and even when its said over and over, I still relish it every time.

I can wait to see the little girl, then the little lady you grow up to be. I can't wait to see your personality, and see where you go in life. Yet I cherish these baby moments SO much. You are growing so, so fast, and I feel like I'm missing it while I watch it rush by. You aren't a baby, you're a toddler... and I don't know when it happened. You are perfect, but its going to fast.

I want to wrap you up in a fuzzy blanket, snuggle up in bed, and never move. I want the giggles that take place when I nibble your neck or your ribs, or when I whisper "I bite... your neck" and you squeal and giggle... I want those giggles to be bottled, because that is true happiness. And it's true happiness I feel everytime I look in your blue/brown eyes.

I love you. More than you will ever, ever know.

Love, Mommy

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