Thursday, October 28, 2010

12 Month Letter

Dear Keevia,

Today you are one year old. One year you have been in my life, yet it feels like you've always been there. You've held my heart for so little time, yet you have held it so well. Your little smile makes my heart swell with love, and every time you cry I have to hold back tears. I love you Miss Priss.

Your personality astonishes me on a daily basis. Your mix of pure stubbornness and sweet, lovingness just blows my mind. The fact that you cry like your heart is broken everytime you hear the word "No" but then light-switch if we distract you. You are a happy baby unless something is bothering you (overly-tired or your sick). In fact, I couldn't ask for a better baby.

When I try to describe you on here, words fail me. I feel like a failure of a writer because I can't put into words everything that I love about you. I simply love you. I love the way you smile when I walk in a room, or how your little hands reach for me as you repeat my name. I love how you snuggle your hand under my shirt as your falling asleep, and how you dive for the nipple when you start to nurse. I love all your little quirks.

I watch you grow, and it breaks my heart... yet I can't wait to hear you talking (instead of just babbling). I can't wait to hear the stories you will tell, the songs you'll sing. I can't wait to watch you skip around the house in a tu-tu and a tiara. Yet as I snuggle in close to you at bedtime, I relish in the quiet moments, in the snuggles. I soak in your sweet baby smell.

You are my sweet baby. You will always be my baby, even as you make this huge step into toddlerhood. I hate to lose any minute, any second... I want to go scoop you out of bed and snuggle you close... yet I know that you'll wear me out tomorrow.

So sleep well, sweet baby, on this last night of your babyhood. Tomorrow you turn 1, and before I know it you'll be 21... stay small sweet girl. I love you.


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