Thursday, October 28, 2010

12 Month Post

Keevia Lynn. Where has this year gone?
At 1 Year Old You Are -
- Walking!! Sort of. 6 days before your first birthday you began taking tentative steps between Mommy and Daddy. Now you'll take 3-5 steps between your table and the chair, or to Mommy from the table. You also walk much more confidently while holding one of our hands. Today, in Mamaws kitchen, you simply braced against the cabinets since there was nothing to hold onto.
- You're still snugly in size 3 diapers, and have been squeezing into size 2s that Mommy found while cleaning.
- You are so weird when it comes to clothes sizing. You can wear up to 18 months in onesies and shirts.... in fact t-shirts HAVE to be 18 months. You wear 18 month footed pajamas. You can wear 6-9 months if they don't have feet. You wear 12 month pants well, although you still fit in 6-12 and 6-9 month pants. 18 month pants are WAY to long on you, and fall down because you have a tiny belly!
- You wear size 2 shoes still, but I think your feet may FINALLY be growing!
- You have actually ALMOST crawled a couple of times in the last month, but that big ole' head is just too heavy!
- You are the BEST baby when it comes to playing. You sit in front of your toy box and just pull stuff out and examine it. You love books and you love dolls.
- Mamaw Caudill got you a 'ball pit' for your birthday and its like, the coolest thing EVER. You looooove it.
- Other favorite toys: Any of your numerous cell phones (including Daddies REAL cell phone that is broken), your Farm which has little animals and letters that you can put through the roof, your 'standing tables' that play music and tell you the letters, your TY Beanie Babies (ESPECIALLY the cats), and your "wand" that Aunt Hebbie got from Disney World for you!
- You are getting to be a better and better sleeper. You've slept through the night fairly consistently since around 9 months. Last night you didn't sleep as well, but some nights you don't get up at ALL! Other nights you wake up around 5-7 am and come in bed with Mommy until I get up.
- You are SUCH a talker. And you want eeeeeeeeeeeeveryone to hear you. One of the first lessons we'll be learning soon is how to use our "inside voice". You are beginning to repeat words back to us with a startling rate. Your new favorite word is "Hi!"
- You've also started growling. A Lot. It's HILARIOUS.
- You make this cute growl/mmm sound when you take a bite. Not very lady-like, but very cute!
- As is true with most babies... you LOVE anything with buttons.
- You're very snuggly in the mornings and after naps, but you are miss independent other than that.
- You LOVE long as Mommy, Mamaw, Papaw or Daddy is holding you!
- Your appetite has slacked off SO much. You used to eat us out of house and home and now you might eat "well" once a day. You still nurse 3-8 times a day, take sippies of cows milk and a little bit of V8 Fusion Juice.
- You still cannot tolerate any apples. In any form.
- You have the worlds best personality. You are hilarious and such a ham.
- You LOVE cats and the kittens we have right now. You're a fan of Mamaws dog Isabelle, but other dogs seem to scare you a little (you ARE your mothers child).
- VERY stubborn. EXTREMELY stubborn child. But we love you anyway!
- You are SO sensitive about hot foods. It basically has to be cold or room temperature for you to eat it.
- You LOVE eating ice-cream.... but if you get too big of a bite you start SCREAMING until someone fishes it out of your mouth!
- You still have a tendency to put things you shouldn't in your mouth. You tried to eat a spider not too long ago, and you have eaten a lady bug.
- You LOVE to give kisses. You want to kiss EVERYTHING. Kittens, babies, dolls, rubber ducks, the mirror, the ground...
- You are my sunshine, and the complete light of my life.

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