Thursday, April 30, 2009


First. Go read this blog post.

Then read this comment that I posted on her blog (P.S. I was Number 25, which just rocks!)

Love you Mckmama, and your complete honesty that always brings tears to my eyes.

After my first pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage, and now having a second pregnancy, I still feel like we're living on the edge. I'm 13weeks and 3 days pregnant - past the most dangerous part, but still scared to death. I love this baby with all of my heart and soul, yet I'm scared to allow myself to love him/her because what if something isn't "normal"? Is this my new normal? Being scared all the time? Answering questions, not with a "Oh thank you for congratulating us!" but with "Oh, no, we lost the last baby at 8 weeks, we're well past that now".

I now completely understand why you revealed that Stellan was a boy and named him. I understand why you wanted people to love him, and get to know him. I feel that way with this baby.

I cannot wait to feel this baby move, and fall even more in love with him/her.

Thank you, MckMama, for letting us know that not feeling "normal" is okay, and for being so frank and honest!

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