Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello, Heaven

I have been on the search for Maternity shorts since the beginning of may. I do NOT like "under the belly" bands - they don't work well with my body shape or how I'm carrying this baby. With my first pregnancy, I had bought one pair of shorts at Old Navy back in November for a dollar something, but when I put them on yesterday, we were not friends. They went below my belly and they just wouldn't stay up.

So, Mom and I went on the "Great Maternity Short Search" yesterday. I tried Target, and all of theirs was under the belly. I tried Old Navy, and was told their maternity was only sold online now (WTF?), then we went to Kohls. Oh, Kohls... I have never been a fan of your high prices, but yesterday we became bosom buddies.

I'm up to about a size 16-18 when not pregnant, and the majority of this is in my thighs and hips (and arms), so shorts are usually not an option, but when the thermometer outside reads 90 and the heat index is 104, my nasty legs are going to be shown. Quake in fear from their whiteness.

These secret fit belly things are a gift from GOD. They are seriously the most comfortable shorts I have ever tried. I know that they have the secret fit with the jeans and stuff too, and many of you have already commented on them, but I just had to share my two cents about their wonderfulness.

Here is a picture of their beautifulness. I got a pair in black, and a pair in khaki.

The next great search? A nursing bra. Can we discuss how this pregnancy has caused me to shoot up 2-4 inches in my chest AND AN ENTIRE CUP SIZE? I've only gained 1 pound people, it's not cuz I'm packing on the carbs.


  1. Deb Berger (an old friend from Jackson Christian)July 4, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    They also have awesome maternity shorts at Motherhood in Hamburg. I got great nursing bras there as well. I also found good bras at JCPenney. I can't remember if they were in the store or online. Believe it or not, Sears also had cute and comfy maternity stuff. (Don't waste your time with nursing gowns. They are a pain!!!) I found that with both my daughters 2 piece pajamas, especially ones that have a button top are a better investment. You can wear them long after the baby weight is gone. (Especially if you find them with drawstrings.) I had the nursing gowns and I wore them in the hospital and then for the first night home. Then at 3am you figure out they are not worth the money you paid to look cute.
    I also found the bras that hook on the top stay closed better. I had one that hooked in the middle and every time I reached for something or crossed my arms, my boob was unleashed and hanging free. Not good. Especially if you don't realize it. (Hanging boob+no baby to nurse=leaking. Yuck.)
    I am full of advice today. I research everything and try everything at least once.......

  2. I'm glad you found good maternity shorts. With my first pregnancy I had gone up an entire cup size by 8 weeks! But starting as an A will definitely get you to fill out quicker, I think. :-P


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