Sunday, July 26, 2009

One year

Kelly's Korner blog does a weekly "Show us where you live" blog-hop. I've never participated because well, we're moving... and there are still boxes everywhere... BUT this week she's doing a "show us your life" and this weeks is wedding dresses!

WELL, this came at a very opportune time... as today is my one year anniversary.

So, the story behind my dress. We got engaged on November 26th, 2007. We contemplated getting married the next January (not the 2008 one, the 2009 one)... or possibly in the summer. However, when David's Bridal had their sale in January, my Mom, Aunt, friend Sarah and I traveled to "look".

I think I tried on over 15 dresses. I'm not sure of the exact number. I found one I LOVED but it was $800 and something ON SALE... and I knew my Momma couldn't afford that... plus, I thought it was rather ridiculous for something I would wear once. So, I kept trying. Finally the little assistant we had gave up, and I slipped on a t-shirt over my bra and slip and started walking around the store myself. Mom and I grabbed anything in my size and brought it to the dressing room. Including the dress I despised. The dress I had despised since I had seen it in bridal magazines. I despised it on mannequins. I didn't want to try it on... but, like many other times in my life, Mom talked me into it.

And, as they zipped it up, and I stepped out on the pedestal, I went "Oh... I like it..." Yeah. That was my dress.

It was very simple. Satin sleeveless, with a gathered skirt. I bought a red ribbon to match my wedding colors (red, white and black). My wedding was entirely homemade. We did the decorations, the cake, the invitations, the flowers... everything but the dress!

Here's a picture of the back and the bow my Momma tied... it shows the simplicity of the dress.

Here it is from the side view... which shows the skirt. I went barefoot because I'm so freaking tall and it would have been too short if I'd worn shoes... plus, I'm clumsy enough without adding shows to the mix!

And finally, one to show the simplicity of it again. I chose a short veil... just cuz I wanted it. No other real reason. I wore a pearl necklace my Mom got me in 2007 and pearl earrings I found at a craft festival. Plus pearl hair thingies and a bracelet I got from David's Bridal. My veil came from Michael's craft store... and I paid $4 for it! It was a "communion" veil, I think.

I can't believe it's been a year! I'll be 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow with our second pregnancy. CRAZY!!! Even though we are poorer than dirt (I swear, I will update on your last week tomorrow) and have some huge uncertainities in our future... I'm very thankful that I have him, and that I have this beautiful baby girl that we get to meet very soon! I am so BLESSED!


  1. Love your dress...
    I enjoyed visiting your blog..

  2. Absolutely beautiful dress, Shaina! You looked so gorgeous in it. :)


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