Monday, July 27, 2009

A little catch up

As promised yesterday, here, in short, is a catch up of our lives, since last Saturday.

Sunday, we woke up and went to church. Carl wasn't feeling very well from his pen-making and grass cutting so he stayed home. Later that evening, my Aunt called and said that my cousins were moving on Monday. We were already planning on going to Richmond on Monday to try and get everything worked out at EKU as well as to move the couch. So, instead, we packed up and Carl and I went down on Sunday night.

We got up bright and early on Monday morning and headed to EKU. They still hadn't received his transcripts, but said they would call us if they did. So, we then headed to my cousins. I hung out there until Mom headed up with the couch, then she picked me up from a store. Funnily enough... I left the apartment keys with Carl, which meant Mom and I had to wander Richmond until Carl was done moving. Once he got back, he called two of his friends to help him move the beast that is our sofa sleeper into the apartment. I started going through boxes, and by the time Mom left that evening, a good majority of the boxes had disappeared! I went through all the book boxes and seperated them into "staying" and "going" boxes.

Monday night we ate out (Carl at Rally's, me at Fazzoli's) and then watched a movie (Batman Begins if you must know). We never heard anything from EKU, and since Carl was supposed to do orientation there on Tuesday, we decided to get up and call in the morning. So, we did. And all the admissions counselors were busy. The Receptionist told Carl that they had made a decision, but that she couldn't tell him what it was. So, the waiting game began. We got up, ate breakfast, got ready to meet my sister in Lexington to see Harry Potter 6... finally, Carl gave up waiting and called again. He was informed that his GPA was to low to get into EKU, but that they would hold his scholarship until last semester, and if he raised his GPA then he would be accepted for the spring semester. So, that's what we're trying. We go this Friday to register him at Southeast Community and Technical College in some online classes. So, Tuesday, we went and saw HP6 (which was good!!) and then we went and visited with my sister at her house. She and I cooked some authentic Italian pasta and pasta sauce (she went to Italy last month) and she presented us with Keevie's first pair of shoes, from Italy! My child is so spoiled!

After we had eaten and hung out, Carl and I went and got him a hair cut and a shave, as he was looking very mountain manly... Yeah, we could tell we were in Lexington and not Jackson... it cost $18! But he looked much less scruffy afterwards! We drove back to Richmond, and got some ice cream (Hagan Daz Simply 5 Coffee is SO GOOD!) because I could have breathed fire from the heartburn I was feeling... Then we watch "The Dark Knight" and went to bed!

Wednesday and Thursday were both filled with Carl putting in applications for full time work. I cooked dinner on Wednesday, and played "lets see what Shaina can make out of her cupboard..." it wasn't the best, but it was edible! We headed back to Jackson Thursday night.

We haven't heard anything from any of the places Carl has applied, so we're planning on going to Richmond on Wednesday and putting in a few more applications. Wednesday evening we'll be heading to his parents, and coming home again on Friday night.

Right now we're just praying for a paycheck. My parents are still paying all our bills (although we managed to pay for our stay in Richmond). We also need Carl to get some medical insurance, because as of Saturday, he has none. Please keep these issues in your prayers!

Also, PLEASE pray for sweet baby Stellan. I've mentioned him several times on here before, but this is the most urgent. He's been in constant SVT for 3 days, and is being airlifted to Boston sometime soon. He was so bad this morning that they called in the family. Please lift them all up in your prayers if you would! You can read more from MckMama here.

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  1. Oh my lands. I am def. trying that detox this weekend (because I have nothing to do this weekend). Thank you so much for recommending that, and thank the Dr. when you see her again!


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