Saturday, July 18, 2009


I feel like such a horrible poster. I used to be much better at updating this thing. Carl is constantly telling me "you haven't updated in a while!" to which I agree.

Life is crazy. Maybe once August rolls around, I'll be able to write more often. I really hope so! This is my release, my therapy. Not that I have much that I need therapy for mind you, but its still cleansing. Plus, I think I would be a more disciplined writer all together if I would blog on a daily basis. I really, truly want to have a book published some day!

So how is my life crazy? Well, I'm in the middle (but nearing the end!) of my summer online independent study Introduction to Philosophy class. In fact, I only have 3 more assignments. One of which is due on Wednesday. This doesn't take up a great deal of my time, but it does block out complete days sometimes. It's very aggrevating.

Last weekend, my Mom, Dad, Hubby and I traveled to Louisville to go to my annual family reunion. We had turned in all of our resignations the day before, so it was kind of a get-away for all of us as well. It was a wonderful time of relaxation and laughter, although the 3 hour trip each way was more than a little tiring on my poor pregnant body. We only stayed overnight, so we traveled home on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning we got up and Carl, Mom and I went to a new church. Some of Carl's family goes there, one of my surrogate mothers goes there, and the preacher was Carl's preacher several years ago. It's also approximately 2 minutes from my house, which makes it a little nicer than the 10-15 it used to take to get to church. Selfish, I know. It's not perfect, but its so relaxing to merely sit in the audience and not have to worry about anything behind the scenes.

Then, around 2ish on Sunday, Carl and I went into town, picked up two girls from his former youth group, and began the hour and a half trek to take them to camp. When we dropped them off we got to visit with a few of our friends that were working that week, then we went on into the "big" city and got some Sonic before heading back home. It was some nice couple's time that we'd been lacking.

Monday was a semi day of rest. I was pooped, and there was a lot of organization that had to take place. Carl also cut a lot of grass and did some other maitence around my parents farm.

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and left out of our house at 8. My appointment was at Central Baptist at 10. We got there just in time, although I didn't go back until around 10:40. They weighed me, and I had gained a whopping 5 pounds in 4 weeks (I was very excited!) and then did the blood pressure stuff. I have white coat syndrome, as my bp tested a little high for me (120/74). The midwife wasn't concerned though. They measured my fundus, which was right on track at 25 cm (I should have been anywhere between 22-26). However, my fundus is about two cm's away from my sternum. ALREADY. I'm going to rapidly start getting big I fear!

After the midwife appointment, we did a little bit of shopping, then headed to the apartment. Mom and I were able to tackle the mountain that IS baby clothes, and get everything organized by months. Dad told Carl to just go ahead and buy some straw and spread it around in a circle. I didn't think it was that funny personally. We also rearranged our bedroom furniture and I am much happier with it. It's set up like it was right before I moved out before. It really opened up floor space and wall space for storage, because storage is going to be a BIG issue in this apartment!

We continued working Wednesday, then Wednesday evening we headed home. Thursday I was running a low grade fever (I'd had a weird blister in my throat on Wednesday, who knows), so I didn't trek back to camp like I wanted, but I did relax and cook dinner for my Dad when he got home (Mom and Carl did make the trek).

Friday we had the girls (from Carl's old youth group) as they ended up coming home early from Camp and their Mom didn't have a babysitter, then today I made a trip to town with my Dad for a frosty and fry craving fix, and am getting ready to go back to town for a Wal-mart run for my Mom.

And yet I wonder why I never have time for work or homework. I've made approximately $30 quilting with Mom, but have hit a rut since then.

Tomorrow we plan on going back to church, then Carl is supposed to take some little girls fishing. Monday we may be heading down to the apartment again (Carl has to go for registration and orientation anyway) to trade out the washer and dryer (no hookups!) for the couch. This will officially make the apartment livable. There are still a lot of boxes I have to go through and organize. But, the majority of stuff is good... it's mostly just books and magazines and office stuff, and a TON of bathroom stuff (I went from 2 bathrooms to 1). I just need to continue downsizing it all.

I guess this was just mainly a catch up post... but it worked! I need to finish The Lake House and then head to Wally-World!

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  1. I like your writing style, just down to earth things that happen to all of us on a daily basis. I would like to invite you to follow my blogs as well.


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