Saturday, August 8, 2009

I officially suck as a blogger.

I never update, I know.

I have some thoughts for some strong political posts coming up... there's a lot of issues that I think need to be brought to light for the sake of my future child as well as our entire country. So, stick with me if you want, it may get ugly :)

Other than just sitting here, worrying about the future, I've been pretty busy!

I finished my final online class with (by my calculations) a 93%! WOOT! This is especially impressive because it was an Introduction to Philosophy class, which the mere thought of makes my eyes cross. I still have some issues to iron out with my adviser, but prayerfully, that will be my last class.

I have been working like a mad woman this week. I made a baby hat, weeded through about 5 baby bootie patterns to find one I like(although I haven't made a set yet), and made about 5 scrunchie hair holders, and have spent hours researching cloth diaper patterns,as well as hair bow patterns. We have a local craft festival coming up labor day weekend, so I've been attempting to prepare for it. I plan on making baby and little girl hair bows, hand-crocheted scrunchies, and if the weather permits, face painting. I'll be approximately 32 weeks pregnant, so we'll see! haha!

I've also be successfully quilting this week. I quilted 4 quilts since Thursday!! All of our money right now is pouring into a wood and kit order for Carl so that he can hopefully set up and sell his hand-turned pens at the same local craft festival.

Carl still hasn't found a job, though its not for lack of trying. He has a ton of applications in, and on Monday he's going to put his application in for Buffalo Wild Wings - they're opening a brand new restaurant in Richmond and are doing "Apply in Person" for all positions starting 9 am Monday. Carl plans on being the first in line. We desperately need a paycheck PERIOD. To really survive, we need $800 a month, although me might be able to survive on $600 with some assistance from either me quilting or from my parents if I'm unable to quilt. We'll just have to see how I do over the next few weeks! I'm hoping to get good at this whole hairbow thing, and maybe sell some stuff on Etsy. That would be ideal.

I admit it... I'm scared to death... What with the Obamacare looming over us, to our lack of finances... I hate it. I hate not being able to give this darling little girl everything I want to.. She has everything she needs, and then some... but there's stuff I would love to be able to do... decorations I'd love to make or buy... I'd love for her to have her own nursery, her own room... that's just not possible, and I hate it. I started looking on Etsy for hair-bow patterns, and then got sidetracked, and then depressed... I just have to remember that I have three large totes full of baby clothes, half a closet full of baby clothes, a dresser full of baby clothes, over 25 flannel receiving blankets, an unknown amount of quilted blankets, and a brand new black garbage bag full of clothes that my mother in law sent today... I have a pack and play, a stroller, a carseat (and the one I wanted so badly!), 2 swings, a bouncer, a baby bath tub... the list goes on.. I have very few needs left (baby wash cloths, baby towels, cloth diapers, socks, slings) but still, I feel like a bad mother already. I know its just hormones, but eek.

Alright, my nausea is gone (with third trimester comes the wonders of first trimester all over again.. morning sickness, sore boobs...) and I plan on getting in bed verra soon.

Keep an eye out for my highly political posts, coming to a blog near you soon.

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