Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keevia, 7 months

:: Disclaimer: All facts and info will be about Keevia at this date, seven months, 1 week and a handful of days, because after the weekend I had, I can't think back on what she was/wasn't doing a week and a half ago!::

Keevia, at 7 months you are:

- still toothless! And that doesn't look like it's changing ANY time soon.
- Just had your first bout of sickness (other than the stomach flu on Christmas, but Mommy was too sick to remember that), and it was horrible on all of us. Your little eyes were swollen, you couldn't sleep, you had a 99-101 temperature... it stunk!
- Can sit up completely independently, which you did for more than 30 seconds for the first time on your 7 month "birthday".
- Are working on pulling yourself to a sit.
- Sleeping through the night almost every night! You sleep, generally, from 10-11 pm until 5-6 am, then nurse in bed with me, then sleep until I get up, or until around 9ish.
- Wear size 2 diapers still, although the huggies are a little small. We finally discovered you can wear Up And Up diapers from Target though too! YAY! Finally a storebrand diaper!
- Are the happiest baby I know! You smile at everyone and laugh all the time.
- LOVE TO EAT! You eat bananas and cereal most mornings, whatever Mommy is eating for lunch, and at least 2+ things for dinner. You still nurse every hour to two hours, unless we're out and about, then it's sometimes longer inbetween!
- LOVE electronic devices. You want to get your hands on anyones cell phone, the remote control, the ipod touch, ANYTHING.
- Are still a Mommy's girl, but you are totally falling in love with your daddy!
- You can make the ASL sign for Milk (which we say is "nurse"), say Mommy (Mama), Daddy (Dada), Bye and wave goodbye and hello! You're a genius!
- You babble CONSTANTLY, but you never babble "Dada" until it gets to be about 4 pm (Carl comes home around 6). You are always so ready for Daddy to get home!
- Your naps are all over the place. Sometimes you take one long afternoon nap (Like 2-3 hours) and a quick evening cat nap. Somtimes you take 3 1 hour naps... it sort of just depends on your mood I guess!
- Are just starting to love to play with your toys, but you have your favorites. We're not keen on loud toys, but prefer ones that make you use your imagination. You love your stuffed animals, your bead mazes, and your toy cell phone! Oh, and Sophie. How could I forget Sophie?

Keevia, I know I tell you this every month (and every day), but I love you so much. Excluding your father, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love waking up in the mornings (even at 4 am when you're awake and babbling!) to see your sweet smile. I cringe to even THINK of anything bad happening to you. I want to wrap you in a protective bubble, but then I know that wouldn't work either. You're my sunshine, and my life. I love you darling.

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