Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Prayer

This has been such a wonderful thanksgiving for me.

2 years ago, Thanksgiving was rough. I'd just found out I'd miscarried, and I was barely functioning through the holiday.

Last year, my baby was so itty bitty. I was worried to death about her, tired out of my mind, and living in a haze.

Now? I just pass the kid to whoever she'll go to, cook till I can't cook no more, and eat. A lot. Like, way, WAY too much.

And I'm thankful. I'm thankful for family and friends. I'm thankful for our house, for my husbands job, and for stability.

I'm thankful for my husband who seriously has to be the BEST husband in the world for all he does for me. I'm thankful for my parents who take such good care of us, and who love Keevia so fiercely. I'm thankful for common sense. I'm thankful for good weather. I'm thankful for fires crackling in the fireplace, and candles warming on a candle-warmer in the kitchen.

I'm thankful for first steps, first teeth, big open mouth kisses, and not-so-girly growling. I'm thankful for pink dresses, and soft bluejeans, and curls at her nape of her neck. I'm thankful for the way she snuggles her hand under my bra-strap as she nurses, and the sweet disposition she obviously didn't get from either of her parents.

I'm so thankful for a God who provides and a nation that allows us to worship that God. I'm thankful for plenty of food, and fun, and fellowship.

I'm thankful for three new lives that made their way into this world on November 22nd. If you don't know about these fresh little triplets, you need to check out their Mama's blog and send some special prayers their way.

I'm also heartbroken this thanksgiving, in the midst of all the warmth and love. I'm heartbroken for a family I know who just lost their precious, precious baby boy Jakin in utero, only 14 months after his sister was born sleeping. Words cannot express the amount of pain I know they are feeling, and how much my heart aches for them. I cannot begin to fathom the pain, or the road to recovery. I just know that their faith in God, and his wonderful presence will make this bearable. Their family has weighed SO heavily on my heart the last three days that I have just randomly broken out into tears. Please go love on this family.

I'm thankful, and heartbroken... and blessed.

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