Monday, April 4, 2011


Carl signed the papers on a promotion we have been praying about for months. Right now we're very hectic with him working long, long hours and getting very little sleep. I literally see him long enough for him to eat dinner and kiss me goodnight. He got home at 9pm tonight and has to go in at 5am. It won't be like this for long, but these next few weeks are going to be hairy!

We're so very thankful though! After this initial phase is over and things calm down, I think he's going to be much, much happier. He's already happier and he's worn out! It disrupts my schedule quite a bit, but I think it may actually HELP me eat less if I fix two dinners. One for me and Keevia (small portions) and then one for Carl (where I tend to fix fattier foods... if I've already eaten healthy with Keevia, I won't be tempted! Score!).

Keevia is doing well... she had been acting like a....pleasure* recently, and two Fridays ago I finally took her to chiropractor for a check-up. The last time she'd been so pleasant* I'd taken her in and absolutely nothing was out, so I had held off taking her in this time. Yeah, well, her pelvis was out. That and the fact that she began wearing an amber teething necklace led to a MUCH happier baby. This weekend threw her schedule for a loop though (lots of company and fun times!) and she went to bed at 8 PM tonight. She's also been cutting her afternoon nap from 2-3 hours down to 1 hour and I don't know why. It makes her so super cranky in the afternoons.

I had the super-fun time of sitting in a car-mechanics waiting room for three hours today. We had some pretty gnarly storms go through this afternoon/evening, and I went out around noon-thirty for the proverbial milk & egg run. As I headed to town (I'd thankfully left Keevs with Mamaw in case I got caught in the downpour) I noticed that Mom's 1998 van was making a loud & annoying squeaky sound. I called her and she asked me to run it in. So, after stopping by the library (I didn't have anything to read or do in the waiting room, I'd been planning a grocery trip!) I headed over to the mechanic. I dropped the van off, and made my way next-door to the gas station for some food. I was starved, and made the mistake of getting greasy chicken strips and potato chips. My heartburn has reminded me since then why I don't eat at gas stations. I headed back to the mechanics and sat there for three hours. I finally went and ASKED about the car and it had been done for a while. AND when I got back in to drive to the grocery, the squeaking was gone...only to be replaced  by a louder, higher pitched squeaking. Mom's taking it back in on Wednesday.

None of my antics would have bothered me that badly except that I am on day 57 (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT) of my cycle(thanks PCOS), and I think AF may be in my near future. Today is the day that the song "Witchy Woman" could be sang about me, only with a B there instead of the W. I can tell I'm in a craptastic mood and have been trying very hard not to lash out. I'm also highly emotional, which just adds to my charm.

But now I'm sitting in my silent house, with the window beside me open, listening to the gentle rain-fall outside, and I'm beginning to feel peaceful. God has answered so many prayers recently, how can I not be joyful?

*pleasant & pleasure should be interchanged with "pain in the patootie" and "royal drama queen" as needed.


  1. I had a 72 day cycle from January through March... I can feel your pain! We're TTC too...and it's so hard when you're not regular...but I've been charting and it's helped some...

  2. I'm so sorry for the crazy lil' disasters, but lil' ones are way better than big ones, right?

    Be grateful for your cycle (yes, that sounds bizzare, I know) for it means that you can be a mommy.

    Be grateful for the van repairs being your moms and not your own.

    Be grateful that God has blessed you with a healthy spitfire daughter.

    Be grateful that the long work hours mean that your husband is providing for you.

    And when you're cranky and a witchy boman (hehe!), just take a moment for you and breathe. I do it a lot! Because I tend to be emotional and negative....



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