Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Wiggly Workout

I've discussed before how I find it difficult to work out. I walked a half a mile yesterday! But that's the first time it's been pretty enough to do so, and while I pray we're in spring, I'm not convinced yet!

Walking works well for me because I can either stroll Keevia, have her walk (part way) with me, or wear her. Working out to videos doesn't work as well because she's always in the way, or I don't want to wake her up from a nap, or she wants to be held. However, I think I've found my solution.

Have you ever watched "The Wiggles"? They NEVER. STOP. MOVING. They dance to (almost) every song! And they are my daughters Backstreet Boys. She LOVES them.

So my new workout routine? She watches the Wiggles, I dance with the Wiggles.

HOLY WORKOUT BATMAN! I did one song and could feel it in my arms and legs. Yes, this means I'm horrifically out of shape, but it also means that it's working.

And Keevia is happy!

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