Monday, April 13, 2009

Not me! Monday -- Surprise edition!

Shaina’s very own Not Me! Monday

In this very special edition of Not Me! Monday, I’m revealing something that I’ve been hiding for a while. So listen up (read up?)! Sit back, and enjoy!

I have definitely not been hiding a majorly huge secret from ya’ll for about 8 weeks now.

That secret is certainly not the fact that my dear, sweet husband and I are expecting a baby.

I am not in the least bit 11 weeks along today.

I didn’t have an ultrasound this morning where our baby was kicking and punching all over the place!

I didn’t absolutely panic at 9w1d and call my OB from Wal-marts parking lot because there had been a TINY speck of blood on the TP, and then rushed to the Dr, even though my assigned OB was on vacation... only to have a glorious ultrasound with an amazingly strong heart beat!

I didn’t take a pregnancy test in that same Wal-mart bathroom several weeks earlier at/or around midnight... only to see that amazing word “Pregnant” in the parking lot!

I most certainly did NOT throw up in the parking lot of my primary care physician when taking my mom to the doctor last week, then go about the rest of my day perfectly fine.

I also am not having such severe problems, um, well... ahem... going... that I can barely eat. Pray that things begin... moving later tonight!

And finally, although there's no sound, here is a video of our darling baby taken this morning!

Also, seeing as we called our last baby "Peanut" we've decided to name this one "Sweet pea" until we can find out the sex. Therefore, all the labels will be under SP.

Oh, another Not me! Moment. I definitely didn't shell out a dollar at "Once Upon a Child" for a summer outfit that is 0-3 months and says Sweet Pea on it, even though our own SP won't be born until November... and well, even then it may not be a girl and that would cause the PINK outfit to be obsolete... oh well!

EDIT: Oh, how the correctol I took has helped... I've been sobbing in the bathroom as I have liquid coming out both ends... HOPEFULLY I'll be able to eat again once this is all over! I'm definitely down 3-4 lbs from my 9w1d appt!



  1. Here's my not me!!

    I definitely DID NOT look at things for the "Secret Baby" while on Spring Break with Brian.

    and Brian was DEFINITELY not excited.

    ...well, the last part might be true.

  2. Omg Shaina I'm so happy for you two!!! You will be in my thoughts and prayer!


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