Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring (or Winter?) Break without the Break

Spring break... well, Winter break...seeing as it snowed 4 inches here today. Granted only about an inch stuck, but it still snowed it. I want sun! I want warmth! I want SPRING!

Plus, my list of homework has grown to just an oppresive amount, that I don't feel like I'm on a break at all.

- Theology Paper
12 to 15 pages on "Creativity in the Bible" with 15 sources. Gag.ME.
- World Religions Paper
6-8 Pages on "Jainism"
-World Religions Assignment, chapters 4-5.
This was due WEEKS ago. I need to type up all 12 handwritten pages and finish note taking
- World Religion Assignment, don't remember
Due next week? Maybe?
-Online postings for theology
30 in all. I've done 12. 18 to go.
-Work Autobiographical Still Life drawing.
Double gag me.

The ones that are most aggravating is the Theology paper and the online postings. For the online postings we have to read a book by Brian McLaren, entitled "a Generous Orthodoxy"

In case you're wondering. This book is crap. Full of CRAP. It's written by someone who is a forerunner for the Emerging church and its full of ramblings about how the church nowadays is doing it wrong, and how we shouldn't judge the church because we think its doing it wrong. It questions itself over and over and it continually contradicts itself. I can never decide when the idiot is making a point.

End of rant.

Continue to pray for Stellan. Also, pray for Angie and her family as they live through what should have been their daughter Audrey's first birthday today. My heart goes out to both of them, and it continues to weigh heavily upon it.

Look for a Not Me! Monday post next week (even if MckMama doesn't do one!) that will shock some of you, and confirm for others. At least I pray I get to do a post! Be in prayer for my husband and I in the next week.

Off to read more ludicrousy and then post about it. Tata!

EDIT: AUGH!!!!!!! THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BS!!!!!!!! This guy is a crazy person. Literally. Needs help. I cannot believe that our professor is making non-christians or weak christians read this book, and that they are AGREEING WITH HIM. I just want to scream. Literally.

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