Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About Me

I really don't know what to put here, that hasn't been said in my little blurb. But, I'll write a little more details. :)

I'm a hillbilly and a redneck, and quite proud of it! I was born and raised in South Eastern Kentucky, and absolutely LOVE my home town.

I married my high school sweetheart, Carl, which, if you knew us in high school, you probably are saying "finally!" under your breath.

We had a DIY wedding, and I personally think it was GORGEOUS. All-in-all, it might have cost us a little over $1000.

I had a miscarriage back in November/December of 2008. It was horrible, and it rocked our whole world... but our marriage is stronger because of it.

I work with my Mom in her quilt shop, and I do freelance work in the evenings (article writing, paper editing, proof-reading, etc).

This is totally random, and will get a revamp eventually.
I love to read. I want to write a novel. I love movies (romantic comedies are my favorite!). I love being outside. I love fishing, hiking, etc. I'd love to have a rose garden. I want 3-5 kids. I'm a geek, and a nerd.