Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I watch a lot of shows on TLC. I am obsessed with John and Kate Plus Eight along with 17 and Counting and an occasional Little People, Big World. I also watch 10 Years Younger, and well, anything else that seems interesting.

Lately however, there is a commercial on there by Gerber that makes me cry every time I see it.

It really is a good commercial...its just that I never got to do any of those things with my baby.It talks about how "I pledge to take you as my child, to love you, to care for you, etc"

It hurts every time I watch it. It's rough, trying to move on yet never forget.

Alright, I'm watching the 17 & Counting special, where they are on a mission trip to El Salvador, and I'm already in tears... so I'm going to attempt to not bawl through it, take a shower, and hit the hay. I feel horrible, and definitely need sleep!


  1. Yes, I was due on June 23.

    I'm also obsessed with TLC shows. Jon and Kate Plus Eight is my all-time favorite! Thankfully, I've missed the Gerber commercial, since I've been taping the show and fast forwarding through the commercials.

    I've tried to leave some comments before, but I had a problem with it... But now it's working! I'll go back and leave what I meant to leave before.

  2. P.S. I think we read all of the same blogs. :)


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