Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shaina's Superb Sal-lad.

Okay, you have to be a Spongebob fan to get that title.

Anyway. For the past 2 weeks, I have had a salad of my creation probably at least 3 times a week. It seriously is the best thing EVER. Next week I'll take a picture, as I'm out of spinach and baby carrots so I won't be having one tomorrow :( But, I thought I would blog the recipe so that all of you could enjoy the wonders of it as well!

You need:
1-2 handfuls baby spinach (this depends on how much you want to eat)
1-2 handfuls of coleslaw mix that is NOT dressed (so, cabbage and carrots basically)
10-12 baby carrots
1 handful of brocelli
2 tablespoons dressing of your choice
1 handful of Shaina's secret croutons.

I take the baby spinach and the coleslaw mix and toss it in a small mixing bowl. Then I take the brocelli and pull it apart so that you don't get any BIG bites of it, but get a little bit in each bite. I slice up the baby carrots in very small bites as well. I toss all of this, and then toss 2 tablespoons of ranch dressing into it as well. I top it with my secret ingredient.

My husband LOVES Snyder's brand Hot Wing's flavored pretzels. I don't like them by themselves, but good HEAVENS they are good on a salad! They come in little bite sized pieces, but they aren't really uniform in size... so one bit you'll get a little flavor, and the next you'll get a huge bite. Plus, where they're pretzels, they're actually better for you than croutons! And, I think they have a much better flavor as well!

So there you have, Shaina's Superb Sal-lad. I promise, it's mouth watering! I call it my rabbit food lunch! haha!

I'm off to do something productive. I have an assignment due today, and my professor just told me that my last assignment wasn't what he I have to redo it.

Oh well, I'll live!

Grey's tonight! Woohoo! Anyone else watch it? Liz, you coming over?

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  1. Heck yes!! I've been looking forward to it all week!!


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