Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Temperatures rising

Ah, the sound of a thermometer beeping is becoming a well known sound in our apartment! Normally we only hear it at 8 am when I wake up to chart my temps, but today it's been heard several times throughout.

Yesterday (and today!) Carl was sporting a lovely temp of 102.3. He went to see Gina, our LOVELY school nurse yesterday. She gave him some Alka seltzer (spelling?) and *snorts* Pedialite (he complained that a big burly man shouldn't drink Pedialite so I got him some Gatorade today). I begged and pleaded and coerced asked him to go to the doctor today, and he did. He has an ear infection (and now a sore butt thanks to the shots) and the flu.

He's supposed to leave at 6:45 am on Thursday morning to go partake in KMEA. Pray he gets to feeling better! He really loved KMEA!

I ventured to the Dollar Store today to get some much needed tissues (I STILL have my sinus infection...only its worse now. You best be believing I'm googling a Netti Pot here soon). I'm DESPERATELY trying to stay off of anti-biotics. I'm planning on doing a Colin cleanse next week, followed by a gallbladder cleanse. Whenever God grants us another pregnancy, I want my body to be an open vessel and a very, very healthy one!

My husband should be very happy, on top of getting an Xbox 360 last week, we also purchased a pen lathe. He spent the majority of the weekend out it my grandpa's workshop, being a busy little bee.

However, when we went to Lexington on Friday to purchase said lathe, we met up with my sister, Heb and her boyfriend Donnie. After spending a little time over dinner talking, we went to Donnie's house to see the biggest flat screen television I have ever seen. It was getting a little late, and we were driving Mom's van, so we ended up staying over. It was wonderful spending time with my sister, getting to know Donnie better, and just hanging out! I played a Wii for the first time and decided I was very happy we hadn't got one, and then we made brownies! It was a lot of fun!

Again, I'm drowning in homework. How do I let myself get so backed up? Senoritis at its finest!
- Outline for Stepp on "V.Basic Proposals Toward a NT Theology" due tomorrow
- Paper for Stepp over "How to Read the Bible For All It's Worth" due a 2/11
- Powerpoint Presentation for Durst over the Desert Fathers chapter due 2/12
- My first Independent study assignment, which I dunno what it entails due thursday


I've been in the bedroom "doing homework" since 7 something. Ask me if any of its done.

Lighter note: I made fresh homemade pizza (dough from scratch thank you very much. Today, as well as Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Anyone interested in the recipe? They were/are delish!

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  1. Campus is a ton more sickly this year than last...


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