Monday, April 5, 2010

5 Months

A week a day late. But we have the deed to our house, so, you'll have to forgive me. Letter to come when it's not midnight thirty that I write this...

Keevie! At five months you:
- Still can't sit up completely unassisted, but are SO CLOSE!
- Love laying on your back and playing with your dangly toys. You still hate tummy time!
- Can almost army crawl, and, as of tonight, have rolled twice from belly to back... but I don't think you knew you were doing it...
- Want to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. If I sit down with food, you want to eat it. Period. We went to the eat Chinese last week, and I didn't take anything with me to feed you (it was an impromptu meal) and everytime I would take a bite (you were on my lap) your mouth would open. Just tonight, as I ate some last minute pancakes so I could take my meds, you HAD to have a bite or two, as you would get SO excited when you saw me cutting it up.
- You especially love Banana's. They are like, your total fave. Oh, and ice cream... you love your ice cream!
- You are now in size 2 diapers... but if we randomly find some size ones around the house, you can still wear them!
- Still snugly in 3-6 month clothing. Which is funny, because Mom ALWAYS told me how you would outgrow your clothes so super fast... and you haven't (okay, 0-3 you kind of did. You were in NB for 6 weeks, and then 0-3 for 6 weeks... but you've been in 3-6 for a while now!).
- You hate socks, shoes, or having your feet covered in general. You are so your Momma's girl.
- We bought you a walker, and, sadly... it's to big. You are able to stand and eat your baby food now though!
- You love to grab my face with your hands and give me big, slobbery kisses.. that or try and eat my face.
- I still say you're cutting your upper right eye tooth, although the Pedi said it was just the ridge in your jaw... It looks like a tooth to me! You're also cutting your bottom middle tooth, and your bottom right eye tooth. Poor baby!
- You take medicine SO EASILY! Seriously, you actually open your mouth for the droppers and take them without complaint.
- You still sleep in your co-sleeper at night to start off with, and then come in bed with Momma somewhere around 3:30-5
- You've finally started letting Mamaw back you and put you to sleep (occasionally!).
- You LOVE the dog, and the dog is super protective of you. She constantly wants to give you kisses, and gets upset when we don't let her! I'm excited that she'll be your protector in a little while! You love watching her, wherever she is!
- You still heart your bouncy and tolerate your swing.
- Although we don't let you watch them very often, you are in LOVE with the Backyardigans. A sure-fire way to get you to sleep when NOTHING else works is to put you in the swing and turn on Backyardigans. I LOVE YOU DVR.
- You have this hilarious habit of screaming when someone has you, then smiling at them as soon as Momma gets you. I love it.
- You've started playing with the water when Momma showers you.
- You don't hate your carseat as much!!! You actually fall asleep in there occasionally!
- You still LOVE being naked.
- You are so cuddly, I love it.
- You're my world, baby girl!

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