Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sleep, perchance, to dream?

For some reason I don't understand... I hate going to sleep right now. Like, really despise it. I put it off and put it off (and it's not helping my sleep deprivation).

I think part of it may be that Keevia doesn't go to sleep until 9:30-10. Then, I use the next 2ish hours to blog, read, de-compress, spend time with my husband, etc. I don't like going to bed because that means the end of that time. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE every minute of my day with Keevia, but I also NEED that decompression time. I NEED balance in my life.

Then, once we are in bed, it's a crapshoot of whether or not it'll be a "good" night or not. The last couple of nights haven't been good. I don't know if its a developmental thing, a teething thing, or a chiropractic thing, but she's SO STINKING SQUIRMY. Saturday night she didn't make it into her co-sleeper at all, and I may have gotten 2-3 hours of consecutive sleep without her kicking me or squirming all around. It makes me dread night time.

But then, the morning comes, and we're laying there, face to face, and her little smile lights up my whole world. I just wish I could think of that more in the middle of the night when I want to cry from no sleep.

Thankfully, we usually have 1-4 bad nights, then she's fine. I tried to get her into the chiropractor for an adjustment, but our CP wasn't in today. If she does better tonight, I'll forgo it.. if she doesn't do better, I'll call tomorrow.

Oh, and side effect of my antibiotic? Insomnia. Wonderful.

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