Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you're not type A...

You may not understand this post.

I'm so anal. We got asked to take a friend of ours to Lexington today for a doctors appointment. No problem! We had some house paperwork we were going to do... but thats easily pushed back. So, I started planning last night.

I pick out my outfit, Keevia's outfit, Keevia's spare outfit, what food I'm going to pack for her, what bibs, what blanket, etc. I remind myself that I need to get Sophie from the shop, as well as her other sleepy paci. I plan on going to Hancocks fabric to help feed my new obsession (more on this tomorrow), I start contemplating what books to take for the hour and a half car trip.

Then, our friend calls and says her husband is going to take her to the appointment.

I was disappointed! Not because I wanted to make the trip, but because I had packed everything in my brain (NOT in real life, just in my head) and now I had to "unpack" it, and stop my brain from trying to plan.

This, THIS is why I'm FREAKING THE JUNK OUT because I can't decide on paint colors.

My name is Shaina, I'm type A, and I have a planning problem.

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