Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catch up on Keevia!

Well. Keevia seems to be growing soooo quickly (I know, every Momma says that), that I want to write down some of her achievements before I forget them.

As of yesterday, April 12th, Keevs could successfully roll from belly to back (and did so three times)!! I recorded her on her mat, on her belly, for 14 minutes. She did nothing. I then turned off the camcorder, got up, went and did laundry. I came back, she was on her back....grrr. So, I laid her on her belly again (camcorder on charge) and away she rolled! She wouldn't, however, show Daddy, Papaw, or Mamaw later that day. She did, however, roll over when I laid her on Mamaw's bed while I got clothes!

She also is no longer allowed to be on Mommy's bed unless Mommy is there, because she can turn herself 180 degrees and it scares me! She rolls belly to back, turns around in circles, she'll be crawling in NO time. *sniff*

She eats like a CHAMP. Seriously, anything Mommy eats she better be able to eat. Here's a list of all the things she has eaten (that I can remember):

Peas (DISLIKE. Only food she's turned down, haha, that's my girl!)
Green Beans
Banana's (ZOMG she loves them)
Sweet Potatoes (another high on her list)
Mashed Potatoes
Shredded cheese (We were out to eat and she was BEGGING for my salad)
Pears (possible allergy)
Yeast Rolls
Subway Bread
Tirimisu (don't ask)
Ice cream
Butternut Squash
Oatmeal (Ok. She can eat "big people" oatmeal, but baby oatmeal makes her spit up)
Rice Cereal (Can't eat it. She screams.)
Peppermint Candy
Rice MumMum's
Banana and PeachMango Cereal Melt thingies
Apple juice with Water

I THINK that's all. She puts it away! And she's sooo cute when she wants something. She grabs my water bottles in both hands and takes them straight to her mouth. My house is going to have to be SPOTLESS once she can crawl, as everything goes straight to her mouth.

I think that's all for now. She's sleeping MUCH better (Thank you, oh mighty chiropractor) and I need to take advantage of that fact. I leave you with pictures!

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