Monday, April 5, 2010

Color choices

Okay. So. We're buying a double-wide. Slowly. This means, for the first time in our marriage, and really my life, I GET TO PICK PAINT COLORS!

So. I've made a decision on all of one room. Okay, two, but I haven't looked at paint chips for the bathroom yet.

If you read Big Mama, I just want to CURSE her. I mean, I love her, but suddenly she has placed the idea of a turquoise kitchen into my head. And it's grown. And now I almost want to curse the paint chips because there are NONE of them that live up to the pre-conceived notion I have in my head, of a probable nonexistent paint color.

This is my home-to-be.

This is the color I want my kitchen to be (mostly, I think. Maybe). Under the chair rail in the dining room area is going to be a more chocolate brown than what it is.

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what color to pain the bedroom. We were thinking cream, with one wall in a burgendy/dark red... but then I want it to be warm and inviting and I don't know if that conveys warm and inviting... and then I like blue in there, but the kitchen is turquoise, and the living room (which opens into the kitchen) is going to have to be a different shade of blue so I think that's probably to much blue, then I like the IDEA of green, but I don't have a clue what color of green I would pick because I'm SO picky about colors, and other than that, I have NO FREAKING CLUE.

Can you tell this is driving me crazy? I'm a planner. Totally and completely driving me crazy that I don't know every detail of what I want to do. I can't even pick between paint chips!

And now, you have glimpsed into my insanity.

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