Thursday, March 12, 2009

RE: Mommyness

I got the coolest letter in response to my "Mommyness" post. The title of the email was "Good for you!" And the body is as follows.

Hi Shaina,
Ran across your great post after my Google Alerts for Trisomy 18 picked you up.
YES -- you are a mother. Just like me.

I noticed in your profile you mention you are a freelance writer. If you might like some assignments from Trisomy 18 Foundation, let me know. Love to see other things you've written. We have a large audience of mothers in their child-bearing years on the same path as you dealing with loss and still trying.


Victoria Miller

How sweet is that? Also, my sweet reader Abbie, who had a due date extrodinarily close to mine, posted my post as a recommendation. Thank you Abbie! I hope it touched you!

URGENT prayer request!

Okay prayer warriors, this sweet boy whom I babysit for, we shall call him "Bug" is one of the easiest babies I have ever sat for. In 3 days he turns 11 months. I was supposed to babysit him tonight at 6 pm, but his Mom never showed with him. I assumed she was missing class, or his dad was missing work. Around 7 I got a phonecall from his Dad. He said "I bet you wonder where the baby is, huh?" and I said that I did. He then informed me that they were at the local hospital with him, as he had gotten a hold of a doorstop, and then when his Momma got it out of his hands, there was a missing rubber piece. They couldn't find it, so off to the hospital he went. He's going to have to have a scope to remove it if it's in his tummy. They had to transfer him, via ambulance to a hospital 2 hours away with a specialist. They read the x-rays at the local hospital, but when they were beginning the transfer, his dad didn't know if they had seen it on x-ray or not. Being rubber, it may or may show up on the x-ray.

Please just pray for the quick and painless as possible removal of the piece, or better yet, that this is just a big extra precaution!

Here's a sweet picture of "Bug" taken on my couch as he enjoyed a biter biscuit.

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