Monday, March 1, 2010

4 Month Letter

Dear Keevia,

Today you are 4 months old. You're 1/3 of a year. That blows your Mommy's mind. I want to bottle you up and keep you this age forever, yet, I can't wait to see the woman you'll become.

Some stats on where you are today:
- For your Four Month Appointment, which came 10 days early because of Thrush, you were 12 lbs, 5 oz. You were 24 1/2 inches long, and had a head circumference of 17 1/2 inches. You are in the 50th percentile for height, 25th for weight, and your head is still off the charts!
- You still wear size one diapers, and don't look like you're going to move up anytime soon!
- You are still firmly in 3-6 month clothes. Some look REALLY big on you, and some are too short.
- You got thrush a few weeks ago, but have bounced back wonderfully.
- You've had tastes of apples, grapes, and ice cream... but we're holding off on "real" solids until you're six months old.
- You do show quite a bit of interest in what I'm eating, even to the point of grunting though!
- You can sit up 95% of the way completely by yourself. You still topple over easily, but we're getting there!
- You've rolled over once, but I'm convinced it was a complete accident.
- You still love your bouncy seat, and tolerate your swing on odd occasions.
- You love your Clara doll (bought for you by Clara, hence the name) and Sophie the Giraffe
- You are SUCH a Momma's girl! If I'm not in sight you start melting down, but as long as you can see me, you calm down. You'll let Daddy take you and snuggle with you, and Mamaw or Papaw occasionally... but you definitely prefer your Momma.
- You have 2 tooth buds, and as odd as it sounds, they're your upper eyeteeth!
- You do not know a stranger. You smile, coo, giggle, and squeal at everyone.
- You still love to be worn, which Mommy loves too!
- Still not the biggest fan of the carseat, although you will fall asleep in there occasionally now!
- You babble ALL THE TIME!!! You "talk" more than any baby I have ever seen!
- You love music.Any music. If we talk to you, it has to be sing-song. You just break out in the biggest grin whenever you are sung too. In fact, Mommy can't sing you lullabies because you end up smiling and laughing.
- You still start out most nights in your baby bed, and usually sleep until around 3-5! You're a sleep rockstar!
- Bathtime is, by far, your favorite time of the day. Whether it's a sink bath or a shower with Mommy, you get SO excited when we start striping you off naked! You LOVE being naked!

Keevia, I love you more and more each day. Your personality lights up my heart, and I LOVE spending time with you. I hate that you're growing up, but I love it as well. It's such a bittersweet thing. I can't wait to watch you grow, but I mourn each piece of clothing you outgrow.

I cherish each smile, each coo, each snuggle. I cry with you when you feel bad, and feel better when you do.

Your Daddy and I love you very, very much Keevia. We pray for you nightly (or, at least I assume Daddy does). I love you sweet girl.

Love, Momma

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