Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reason's I'm Absent

In bulleted form, because I have no energy to do more...

- Last Thursday we went to Richmond and packed up the apartment. It took Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning due to our allergies in that place.
- Saturday we moved.
-Sunday we had church. I did freelance.
- Monday Keevia had a chiro appointment, then Mom and I went back to Richmond and cleaned the apartment.
- Tuesday we spoke to the bank and the trailer company and went to Wal-mart.
- Today, I should have done my freelance stuff earlier. But I didn't. So I'm doing it now. At 11 pm, when I can barely hold my eyelids open.
- I'm working my first freelance job. Did I mention that? I'm grading essays for a professor in Australia. Yes, I know that's odd.
- Keevia is teething, and isn't too happy about it.
- Her naps are wonky, I know it's partially because we've been traveling so much, and partially because of teething.
- I am worn out.
- Mom and I are currently trying to fit all of our stuff that doesn't fit in our 10x15 storage unit in our house.
- I am having to wash that came from our apartment because of the allergens on it.
- Keevs is teething. I mentioned that, right?
- I cleaned out my closet today.
- I did 7 loads of laundry.
- I wake up at 7 and go to bed at midnight.
- We're going to see the other grandparents this weekend, and I have to pack.
- My head feels like its going to explode because I have three... THREE more essays to correct tonight.
- I think this stopped making sense about 6 bulleted posts ago.
- I'm going back to grading papers now...


  1. hope you get some sleep/rest very soon!!

  2. You most certainly have your hands full and here I thought I had it bad :p Get some rest soon!


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