Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moving on...

Teething sucks. Just in case you didn't know. It kills me that she's in pain and there's not anything I can do to "fix" it other than let it ride its course.

I did my first freelance job today, and I'm terrified to turn it in. It's a little out of my comfort zone, and I'm just scared that the client is going to hate it. Thankfully, he seems really nice and we should be able to work it out. The website is being a dirty word though, and not letting me upload the documents I need.

Mom and I have to go and pack up my apartment sometime soon, and I am dreading it. I HATE packing. I also am not looking forward to trying to pack with a super clingy, teething, 4 month old. But, hopefully, this will be the last time. I really don't understand people who buy a home, to turn around and buy a new home a few years later in the same town. If you have to move for work or something, that's understandable... but just to buy a starter home, and then a new home a few years later? Not for me!

Alright. Keevia woke up from her (short) nap, so I've gotta get her. Happy Wednesday!

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