Friday, March 19, 2010

Should be working...

I should be doing freelance right now, as my wee babe naps happily in her swing. However, my client hasn't sent me the last batch of essays I need to edit. So, I'm wasting a perfectly good nap, which is uber frustrating.

If I don't have the essays by the time Keevs wakes up, I'm going over and attempting to quilt.

Anyway. That's why I've been absent a lot. A lot of my computer time has been taken up by freelance work. Today is my last day, and honestly, I'm happy about it. If I didn't have a kid, freelance would be super simple, and a good paycheck. But I do have a child, and working when she naps is hard... or trying to get her to sleep at night and then work... still hard. This week, with the time change, Keevie's schedule has been ALL out of sorts, and so working in the evenings has been nearly impossible.

We went for a walk at the park yesterday, and Keevie actually sat in her stroller! We only did one BIG loop (as we didn't want to push it, neither Mom nor I are in shape). When Mom put Keevie in her carseat, she started crying like she wanted to nurse. We were going 1 redlight away to the dollar store, so we went ahead and went.

Once I got her out and started trying to nurse her, she wouldn't latch, she just screamed at the breast. This is something she used to do a LOT, but hadn't been doing it recently. So, I gave up and we went inside to get toilet paper and baby sunglasses. Mom took her from me so I could try to put sunglasses on her, and held her facing out, with her arm across her belly.

She started fussing again a few minutes later, so I took her back. Cue full out, back arching, face screwed up, I'm-so-pissed-off-I-can't-even-cry-or-breath-for-like-15-seconds screamfit. This NEVER happens when Mommy takes her. She is totally and completely a Momma's girl. Normally, if someone has her, and she's screaming/crying, and I take her, she turns and grins at them like 'Look! I got my Mommy!'

So, I took her to the car. She calmed somewhat on the walk out, but once I got in and tried to latch her, she started screaming again. I think where we had been outside, her nose was running (it hasn't ran since then), and it would go down her throat, she'd get chocked/cough, get pissed, scream. I normally give her a taste of Mylicon and then she'll latch on instead of just screaming (impatient much? I have a semi-slow let down, so she doesn't get instant gratification when she latches and it MAKES HER SO MAD!!!), but I didn't have any of her medicine with me. I ended up cracking the sliding door (I didn't wanna expose my entire boob that was flopped out), and then stripping her down to her diaper because she was crying SO HARD that she was sweating. I kept waiting for Momma to come out, and she never did. So, finally, in desperation, I called her and begged her to buy some baby tylenol or mylicon and GET OUT TO THE CAR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

3 minutes later, we got a dose of tylenol down Keevie, and she started nursing. Sort of. She would still pull off and scream for a minute, then go back. Finally, Momma took her, wrapped her in a blanket, and walked around the parking lot. She burped three HUGE times, and then was all 'Oh, hi Mom! You're so pretty. Oh, I'm going to smile at you... oh, I love you, hi!!'. So, I threw a onesie on her, and we headed home.

I knew she was overtired, and once we got home, I nursed her down for an hourish nap, and then she was fine! Like nothing ever happened.

Of course... she also didn't go to sleep until 12:30 last night. I'm sick (sinus infection? Cold? who knows) and had planned on going to bed around 9 (which, if you know me in real life, you just fell over in your chair)when I nursed Keevie down... nope, didn't happen.

Alright, now that I've written a completely useless, senseless post about our drama yesterday, I'm going to play with my just-waking-up-baby (whom I may or may not have woken up with my impression of a canadian goose).

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  1. So RSV careful having her out because seriously I don't know where Xay got it from but I do know that it is going around according to Dr. Sunshine.

    Xay has gotten to the point where he gets distracted super easy so he will nurse for a minute pull off look around and then go back to it it gets so aggravating at times. He also cries for regular he won't take the breast at times but the moment you come at him with a spoon it's like a baby bird mouth wide open reaches for the spoon and pulls it straight into his mouth.

    Also have you ever seen a child put his fists(sp?) together and proceed to hit his mouth with them? Never seen it before, not even sure where he picked it up but he does it.

    Oh and is there any way your mom can finish the mei tie? He is so freaking long and fat he doesn't fit in the sling. He is gaining weight so fast he is now 17.3lbs. I bought a stroller out of desperation because my arms was so not supporting the weight.

    Anyways I am sorry for ranting I am putting off posting a blog at the moment so you were my distraction.


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